Friday, October 19, 2012


After taking off the white glue base coat glitter bomb, I decided a lil Halloween fun was in order!

I pulled what I thought were good mummy colors out of my Sterlite drawers & created mummies based on Mimi's Freestyle Halloween Challenge mani that you can see HERE. I love how she made such narrow lines with eyes peeking out!

All polishes are from Orly:
My version started with regular base coat followed by 2 coats of Dayglow.
Next I lightly sponged Decades of Dysfunction over the white to age its appearance.
I then used a small detail brush from the craft store (trimmed to suit) with Liquid Vinyl to make the openning in the wrappings for the eyes.
Using Faint of Heart & the thin stripper brush that came in the Essence Nail Art kit, I painted thin lines to create the bandages.
When all was dry to the touch I added Googlies from Stampin' Up! (These 5mm, self adhesive googly eyes can be purchased HERE as part of a Halloween kit or seperately in a package of 50. Alas, there isn't a photo on the separate package page.)
And last, but not least, Seche Vite FDTC (yes, Mimi dahling, I wrapped my tips) & I made sure to get it in between & under the edges of the eyes to 'glue' them down securely. We don't want any blind mummies wandering around, do we?

TaDa! A bit time consuming with all the lines to be painted, but not too difficult.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. wow inky!!!! i adore the colours you used here, what a fantastic job, you are rocking that girl!!! glad you wrapped ur tips to hehe!!! inky hun my email adress is ...i would love to send you a polish as a thankyou for your continued support, if you would like one hun, drop me an email with your address. Once again this is a fantastic mani! xxxxxx

  2. Ah shucks! Coming from you this means a lot.


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