Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hello Dahlings!
Today is a VERY special day! Why? It's my polish daughter Swishie's 21st birthday!!! 
She already got her box of birthday goodies from me, but I have one last pressie for her...today's mani!
A while back, Swishie, myself & another Twitter pal were chatting about likes & dislikes when it comes to colors & techniques used for nail art. I had just posted a 4 color neon pink gradient with China Glaze Whirled Away black & white chunky glitter over it. Swishie isn't into neons or chunky black & white glitter tho' 'she thinks gradients are okay when done with da 'right' colors. LOL I asked her what she colors thought would look 'right' for a gradient with chunky glitter...
Da line up: Milani Key West, Wet N' Wild Bijou Blue,
Townley Homeroom & Milani Lavender.
This is 2 coats of Homeroom. It's one of my oldest polishes at 20 years or so (yes, it might even be older than my Swishie lol) & is part of the school themed polishes that set me off on my Welcome Back Kotter themed franken fest last month. It's a frosty, steaky mess
& if I were planning on wearing it alone I'd do 3 coats or put on white undies first
cuz VNL just ain't in it for moi.
I used a scrap of dog bone car washing sponge to apply da gradient & reversed it on my ring fingers for an accent. Bijou Blue almost gets lost between Homeroom & Key West, but it works to bridge da 2. Good 'nuf.
TADA! Swishie said a blue to green gradient with chunky purple glitter might be okay in her world. Well...is it? Will it do? Can you tolerate gradients with chunky glitter a smidge more my dahling daughter?
Thanks for stopping by to celebrate my fav polish daughter's birthday with me!
~ Inky

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