Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shamrawk Nail Art Challenge ~ Pot O' Gold

Hello Dahlings!
I have no idea where my time has gone this week! OK, I do, but it hasn't been on nails. I've had mondo prep for my next stamp camp & my MIL is visiting. So RL interfered with my polish fantasy life. *sigh* So this is a day late & I'm sorry.
Let's see...we're on Pot O' Gold in da challenge!
Da line up: Sally Hansen Glow, Color Club Winter Affair (gingerbread scented), Essie Good As Gold, Santee Gold Bright & Orly Liquid Vinyl.
This is 2 coats of Glow on my ring finger. It needs 3 coats for full opacity, but 2 was fine for what I had in mind. Why do I love retired Sally Hansen polishes? I don't know, but I do seem to collect quite a few after they're gone from da stores. (da other nails have 2 coats of Orly Dayglow, but you'll just have to wait until da next challenge post to find out what I did on them lol)
Ta Da! I used my next to largest dotting tool with da 3 gold polishes to make coins going from my cuticle to about half waydown my nail. I then used da same dotter with Liquid Vinyl to rough out da pot. I then grabbed a small detail brush to smooth out da pot's sides & add da rim. I tried a new top coat on this nail: Ruby Kisses Quick Dry Top Coat. I really like Ruby Kisses polishes, but this 'quick dry' was anything but! 5 minutes after I applied it, it was still tacky. This just won't do! So I slapped a coat of Seche Vite over it & decided to stop wasting money on other fast dry top coats cuz SV makes me happy. Da only good thing about da Ruby Kisses tc was da price: $2.29. I'll use it for frankening, so it's not a total waste.
I'm not sure what's happened to da others in this challenge. Sam is busy launching her new blog featuring indie polishes & hasn't been sending out da linking thingy . Poliship has been posting, but doesn't have anything up for this prompt. Oh well, real life happens! I plan on finishing da challenge cuz I want to follow thru' even if I am late on some of them.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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