Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shamrawk Nail Art Challenge ~ Green Polish!

Hello Dahlings!
Today is da 2nd promt in da Shamrawk Nail Art Challenge ~ Green Nail Polish. I find it really difficult to wear just one polish at a time. Part of this is that I did just that for 30 years. I now find it a tad boring & 'unfinished'. (I don't mind others wearing only one color, just me! lol) The other part is I now have SO many polishes that if I don't wear 2 or more at a time, I may not live long enuf to wear them all.

Da line up: China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard, NYC Flat Iron Green & Milani White On The Spot. I decide that if I was going to focus on just one green polish, I was going to pick da brightest, loudest one I have!
This is 2 coats of IWTL with a coat of Seche Vite. I have a wee bit of VNL & would have added a 3rd coat if I were stopping here. (I did stop here for da night, hence da SV.) Alas, I just can't leave my nails with just one color for long...
Ta Da! Another Kitchen Sink Mani...are you bored with them yet? I'm not! Flat Iron Green may look black in these pics, but it's really a very dark, blackened green.
Here's what I did by finger:
pinky ~ double line French using a straight line French form sticker for da FIG
& my skinny striper from Essence for da WOTS line;
ring ~ double dots that look like rings using both da large
& small heads of my largest dotting tool;
middle ~ skinny stripes using my skinny striper;
index ~ my 1st attempt at a cloud mani! It's not 'perfect',
but I did ok & give myself a B;
thumb ~ I used da curved French form stickers from da same sheet as da straight ones
& that part came out ok, but da WOTS was drying so fast that it was getting clumpy as I was using it, so my stripes look somewhat 'organic' rather than da precision lines I wanted. Oh well.
I did a 2nd coat of SV to finish.
Thanks for stopping by! 
Now go visit da other Shamrawkers!
~ Inky


  1. Beautiful mani! BTW, I shipped out your goodies today!

  2. Gorgeous mani! You know how I love some green!

    1. Thanks my Cosmic Twin! <3 This is some 'touch that frog & start trippin' green. LOL


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