Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shamrawk Nail Art Challenge ~ Brew

Hello Dahlings!
Today is da 6th prompt in this challenge & I had da damnedest time with it. This may get a bit wordy, but you can always scroll thru da pics, ignoring da words, & call it good. lol
Da line up: Zoya Frida, Orly Mermaid Tale & Matte Top Coat,
plus Revlon Powder Puff Matte.
This is 2 coats of Frida. It's a lovely jelly that looks really dark in da bottle,
but is perfect for jelly sandwiches.
So that's what I did. After da 2 coats of Frida & added 1 coat of Mermaid Tale & then another coat of Frida & Seche Vite to cure all da layers. I then added a coat of Orly's Matte tc. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I also have Sephora by OPI's Matte tc & was disappointed in how uneven da effect was from nail to nail, but da Orly's worked like a dream. I then added foam using Powder Puff & a lg dotting tool.
So what's da big deal you may be wondering? Well to start da Powder Puff matte takes FOREVER to dry when dotted. I even did 2-3 thin layers with dry time in between. The other headache is that while I was sitting there, watching da news on DVR after midnight, Mr Inky went up to go to bed & discovered that da toilet in da guest bathroom at da top of da stairs had OVERFLOWED! Da water had made it into da hall & was starting down da stairs leaving a tan stain from dissolved clumping cat litter behind on da carpet. EEEEEK! Mr Inky started grabbing towels from da hall closet while I ran for a fan. We spent da next hour plus blotting up water from da carpet & my nails were ruined from wringing towels out over da tub. Blerg. Da good news is that there wasn't anything in da bowl at da time of da flood & we got most of da water out of da carpet & after running 2 fans for 4 days straight we dried out da carpet pad enuf that it shouldn't need replacing. Da vinyl flooring in da bathroom will get replaced cuz it started peeling up around da toilet, da carpet will get cleaned by pros & we'll get a new toilet installed with da new flooring. AND insurance will be paying for it after our deductible!
So da final pic here is actually take 2 for this mani. I was able to salvage da green part, but had to redo da white foam cuz it got wiped off & it took forever to dry again & got all dinged up cuz I can only sit there doing nothing for so long. LOL
Thanks for stopping by & please go visit Poliship We're da only one's to keep going on this challenge. I know I'll be seeing it thru to da very end!
~ Inky


  1. Hmm Good idea.I like it.
    I wasn't supposed to do.

    1. Thanks! Last time I forgot to include you & this time your not participating. LOL 2 left & I'm on my own.


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