Monday, March 25, 2013

Shamrawk Nail Art Challenge ~ Glitter

Hello Dahlings!
Yep! I finally took off da birthday mani I did to honor my Swishie. 7 days is a lo-o-ong time to wear da same polish even if I did alter it a lil every couple of days. LOL
We're on promt #7...GLITTER! I had a lightening strike of inspiration on this one.
This is your brain...
This is Your Brain on Shamrocks by LynBDesigns
Look at all that sparkly goodness! This St. Patrick's Day polish has medium green hexes & small gold hexes plus mini glitters in green, gold & clear iridescent.
Da line up: Ruby Kisses Millionaire Green. Essie Good As Gold
& LynBDesigns This is Your Brain on Shamrocks. (all purchased by me)
This is one coat each of Good As Gold on my ring finger as an accent & Millionaire Green on my other fingers. I can almost get away with 1 coat of MG, but if I were doing a mani wear da VNL would show I would do 2 coats for sure. This is da 1st time I've used GAG in a mani as a base color. It is a 1 coater & it's good to stamp with...
it's also a streaky mess to apply & shows every lil flaw in da nail.
Me thinks I'll stick to my Sally Hansen Chromes for metallic base colors.
Ta Da! I didn't start this mani until about 12:30 last night, so I wanted to do something fast that showed off da glitter. Double line French tip to da rescue! I did 1 coat of TIYBOS on the green nails & 2 coats on the gold nail. I then added FTs using the base color, then contrast stripes using the other color & my skinny striper from Essence. I think da TIYBOS looks better over da gold than da green, so it's a good thing I did that for my accent nail! LOL I finished with a coat of Seche Vite.
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~ Inky


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