Thursday, June 11, 2015

A late First Friday Franken!

Hello Dahlings!
Last week was nutso with guys coming to haul off junk,
cleaning ladies & a camp to prep for...
so I didn't get my First Friday Franken mani done, let alone posted.
But I did get it done on Sunday...
 This is Back Up When Spoken To
made from 2 of Wet N' Wild's Confectioners collex
from a couple of years ago.
Da polish was & is ok, but da bottles were a pita!
They were in round minis with these long thin caps
that didn't fit in my storage drawers,
so I decanted them into full size bottles, mixing them in dif combos
& renaming them based on what da original names were.
This one looks a lil pink due to my polishing on autopilot
while doing my Tart's mani on the other hand.
So I have a layer of Polish Me Silly Was Up Girl
under 2 coats of BUWST on my fingers.
 I then stamped using one of my franken stamping polishes, Bougainvillea,
& my Creative Shop Stamper that you can also get from Beautometry.
This is what 2 coats of BUWST really looks like.
My life is somewhat settling down
& hopefully this means I can go back to posting my usual 3 days a week.
>^. .^<
I love da 80's, but not when it's da temperature
& while that doesn't seem very hot to many of you,
try dealing with it when you don't have air conditioning.
Cats don't like hot weather either
& can you blame them?
I'se hot & bored, Meowmy.
I's melting.
Even Ziggy & Jazz are melting!
These 2 are fine, just hot & lazy, I promise. LOL
Thanks for stopping by & stay cool!
~ Inky

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