Monday, June 15, 2015

CNT 52 week PNM ~ Saran Wrap & Glitter Polish!

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tarts are doing manis featuring
da Saran Wrap technique &/or glitter polish!
I did this...
 I did da Saran wrap part using a bit of small scale bubble wrap
& 2 Anonymous Lacquer polishes:
Electric Cotton Candy which was a custom LE for da Hello Holo FB group
& a Moon Walking prot
I added 2 coats of You Had Me at "Hello Kitty." for my glitter polish.
YHMAHK didn't require any fishing to get lots of da lil black,
pink iridescent & lil yellow bits out
& only mild fishing & dabbing were required to get da kitty heads
& metallic red bows to come out to play.
I did a double coat of Seche Vite
to lessen da wee bit of texture created by da glitters.  
 My right paw got 2 buttery coats of MWP on da pinky,
middle & index fingers with an accent of ECC on ring & thumb.
 I did da reverse on my left paw.
Doing da Saran Wrap technique dulled da rainbows of these polishes,
but da colors coordinated with da glitter & it's still a fun mani.
>^. .^< 
 Ciri is SO cute when he naps!
 Oh hai, Meowmy. I's was nappin'.
 Dat flashy light is too bright!
 You wants to smooch mah jelly bean toes?
I lafs at you cuz you knows you wants to do's it!
Thanks for stopping by
& please share da luvies with da other Tarts!
~ Inky


  1. Lovely as always!!! Thank you for posting. adorable!!!

    1. Thank you for making such FANTABULOUS polishes for me to play with, Mill! Yes, he is. LOL

  2. Your content as far as your designs are very beautiful. I just can't understand why you write the way that you do with all the da's.

    1. Artistic license. I'm capable of writing in an academically correct fashion, but I chose not to do so. :)


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