Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Hair with Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!
Yep! I dyed my hair again.
from their Neon Brights collection.
 Me likey!
 Lots of left over blue & fuchsia show thru IRL.
 I went with a shifting gradient & sugar skulls to match my hair.
 Da line up ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken;
Nabi gitds in Navy Blue 17, Purple 08 & Fuchsia 06;
LynB Designs Frosty Snot & Color Club Beyond for da stamping.
 After putting my white panties on, I sponged da gitds in a shifting gradient.
 Yep! They still work just fine after 2 years.
 I then added a coat of Frosty Snot linear holo topper.
Methinks another holo topper comparison may be due.
 I stamped using Sugar Bubbles plate SB023
Both from Beautometry.
 Yeah, I know...
 ...wicked kewl!
You may have noticed (or not)
that I've been doing a lot more stamping this year.
I'm da kind of peep that likes to learn about new things,
so researching my options when it came to stamping was a natural.
One of da things I learned was that MDU stamping polish is pretty popular,
but I also learned that some peeps were having issues with da distinct odor,
i.e. headaches & nausea,
so I opted to not try this brand.
Recently, Sara of Cuttin' Edge Nails,
decided to see if she could recreate da MDU formula.
Not to make it for retail sale, just to see if she could.
MDU refuses to release its ingredient list,
so nobody know for absolute certain what's in it,
but I think she came pretty damn close.
Her journey is an interesting one & da end result may shock you.
She's just telling about how she went about creating a stamping polish
that smells & performs like MDU. 
She is not bashing MDU!
You can read all about it in her blog post:
>^. .^<
 What's dat?
 Methinks I'll be playing with this now.
 I'm gonna get you!
 I has to kick da rug a few times to warm up.
Mission accomplished!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


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