Friday, August 7, 2015

First Friday Franken!

Hello Dahlings!
Yes, my blogging has been whacked this summer.
Too much real life intruding into my polish fantasy life
of doing fantabulous manis that I change out every other day,
with brilliant writing to 'splain what I used & how I used it,
and professional looking pics to show y'all.
I did say this was my fantasy, right?
So about da only regular posts I've managed to maintain
are da Crumpet's Nail Tarts 52 Weekly Pick N' Mix,
da Hobby Polish Bloggers monthly challenge & First Friday Frankens
with all of them getting posted a wee bit later
than I'd prefer more often than not.
So today I have for y'all da August First Friday Franken ON TIME!!!
 I may or may not have used this one before,
but as I hadn't silver sharpied da cap, I know it's been a while,
as I've gotten better at marking da caps
when I use a polish for da 1st time.
 Da line up ~ Cotton Granny Panties
(made with an assortment of white polishes
that had been used to below da half way point in da bottles),
(made with pigment from Lindy's Stamp Gang
in clear polish that needs a bit of suspension fluid)
& Carbon Copy
(a stamping polish made with Shany black polish
& black pigment from Powdered Pearls, I think)
 I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM304, Carbon Copy
& my beloved Creative Shop Stamper.
I started with a coat of CGP,
then added 2 coats of Morning
followed by a coat of SH Dries Instantly.
I added another coat of SHDI
after da stamping had dried...mostly.
>^. .^<
Why you get so 'cited over silly hooman stuff, Meowmy?
Chills out & takes a nap.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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