Friday, August 14, 2015

What Color are My Nails?

Hello Dahlings!
Alas, this mani sat in da vault too long,
but I'm gonna share it with you anyway.
 What color are my nails?
You may or may not remember
da brouhaha over a pic of a dress earlier this year.
It was an over exposed pic of a dark blue dress with black fringe trim
that in da pic looked like a white dress with gold some peeps.
Many a fight broke out over who was seeing da dress colors correctly.
I saw white & gold.
Mr Inky saw black & blue plus he got to feel it too when he disagreed to me.
That humble pie tastes nasty when you try to eat it around your foot. Blerg.
 Da line up ~ Dam Nail Polish Blue/White & Black/Gold
Da Dams came in a trio with a metallic gold called 24 Karats
to go under da semi sheer Black/Gold.
This is 2 buttery smooth coats of Blue/White.
It & da Black/Gold are thermals. 
Da weather was already getting too warm when I did this mani,
so even with dipping my paw into ice water
getting good pics of da cold blue was iffy.
 2 coats of Black/Gold commando on mah thumb.
 I used da chevron stencils to represent da black/gold chevron trim on da dress.
This pic is after several minutes of soaking my paw in cold water. Brrr.
 This is after a quick soak under do hot water tap.
My fingers hadn't quite warmed up yet,
so you get to see a smidge of blue creeping back in.
These polishes are no longer on da website,
but Dam Nail Polish still has lots of good stuff to choose from
>^. .^<
You hoomans is so silly fussing over a pic
that's not even of a cat!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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