Friday, August 28, 2015

New Hair & Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!
Yep it's that time again.
My last color had mostly faded out
& I was sporting a very trendy, but not very me silver & pastel mane.
Da silver is da natural color of most of my hair anymore.
So Mr Inky & I spent last Saturday doing this...
 For da life of me, I could NOT get da back to photo true!
My bangs are what it all looks like with some blue streaks.
 We bleached my roots on Friday.
We used assorted leftover colors from da past year to color.
Mr Inky has in da past
when it came to picking where each color goes
so I don't get 2 sections of da same color next to each other.
So he came up with this clever paint by numbers plan.
It worked!
Next time, I'll write da numbers on da clips in Sharpie.
Da lil bits of sticky note liked to fall off.
Almost 5 hours later I was all gooped up
& couldn't see diddly squat since I can't wear my glasses
while coloring unless I want colored glasses too.
If I can get Mr Inky to take a good pick soon,
I'll add it so y'all can see how freaking awesome my hair looks.
On to da nails...
 I did better with my nail pics. LOL
 This is 2 buttery coats of Black Widow.
It's a charcoal to black with a strong linear rainbow
that shows midnight blue on da inside.
I added a coat of SH Dries Instantly at this point.
 I used this plate with Chromeo & my beloved Creative Shop Stamper.
I don't remember where I got this plate,
but I know I wanted it for da leopard tears.
Maybe Cuttin' Edge or possible She Sells Seashells?
Anywho, I made reverse decals & cut them in half.
And now for something completely different...
Some of you may be aware that there has been a situation brewing
in da nail polish community for da past few months
that blew up this past week into a cluster fuck of a circle jerk 
concerning Mentality Nail Polish causing damage to some peeps nails
& da owner's epic failure to handle it in a satisfying manner.
I'm not going to rehash da plethora of info & chaos.
I'll just link you to da best info I currently know of,
as these peeps have sorted, questioned & verified
as much as possible to help clarify this train wreck in progress.
As for me, I do own da Neon Opaques & some of da Neon Glazes,
as well as their Black & White Opaques plus da original Glazes.
To date I haven't experienced any negative reactions to this brand,
but I don't use them for base color, just nail art.
My stamping & other nail art goes over several coats of polish
(base, 2 coats of color, top coat) plus my acrygel overlays.
So for now I will use them, but if I notice any changes in my nails
or to da color/odor/consistency of any Mentality polish I own
I will dispose of them properly.
As for you, my Dahlings, if you own any Mentality polishes,
especially ones from da dates mentioned in da above linked articles,
& have experienced any type of reaction ...GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!
If you tend to be sensitive to stuff
or are just worried that you could react,
please check with your local waste service provider
on how to properly dispose of nail polish in your area.
Polish is flammable & puts off toxic fumes
when burned while either wet or dry 
so is classified a hazardous material.
You can't just chuck it in da bin & think good riddance. 
This horrible mess is NOT normal for da Indie Polish World!
This is a case of one egomaniacal asshole fucking up
& not owning his shiz.
I've shown you peeps quite a few indie polishes over da years
& have never had any issue with any brand
that wasn't be quickly & easily resolved.
Sinking glitter, pigment shifts etc suck, but they do happen.
Every indie I've had to contact (there haven't been many)
was horrified that their product had even a minor issue
& my polishes were promptly replaced or credited.
 I've gotten to know some makers pretty well too
& these ladies are uber conscientious 
about both the quality & safety of da products they create.
Their customer service is most excellent as well. 
This is why you see their pretties on my claws & blog.
So please don't let one asshole ruin your love of indie polish!
>^. .^<
*face paw*
Peeps isn't supposed to get declawed any more den cats is.
Dat is just all kinds of WRONG!
Take care of your precious selves, my Dahlings
& thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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