Sunday, September 13, 2015

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics ~ Apothecary Product Reveiw!

Hello Dahlings!
To date, I haven't been a 'beauty blogger' for 2 reasons:
1) I'm uber into polish & nail art, not face paint
2) my face doesn't like make up
& most face care products cause an adverse reaction
However, when Emily from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics
contacted me recently about swatching for her
I just had to say YES, PLEASE!!!
In with all the soon-to-be-released polish beauties
she sent me to swatch,
that y'all will get to see soon
were some of her Apothecary Corner creations
for me to try out & honestly review.
This is a rather pic heavy & wordy post,
so go potty & grab a beverage now.
Y'all ready?
 Today I have to show y'll CNC Coffee Clay Healing Mask,
Let's start with my hands before I scare y'all with close ups of mah face..
 This is my nekkid nailed left paw after a shower.
I'm a 'dry' peep & da skin around my nails is very prone to hangnails & peeling.
I try to lube 3-4 times a day minimum beyond after washing my hands,
but even so I've had to deal with my sidewalls shredding easily since like always.
 This is my purple bottle of Reborn Oil.
I was sent a black bottle for reviewing,
but I had also ordered a purple bottle cuz...PURPLE
Emily concocts a bunch of goodness
& puts it into a refillable bottle of your color choice.
 This is after a light application of Reborn All-Heal Oil.
I took this pic maybe 5 minutes after applying
& I didn't have to rub it in as my skin just sucked it up. 
Da dry skin is gone & da damage is minimized.
I've been using this oil during swatching
& as part of my daily multi-lubings
and it has made a big dif in da dryness
& damage my skin is known for!
Emily recommends using this oil on any part of your body
that is suffering from dryness or needs some TLC!
I personally have benefited from using arnica oil on bad bruises,
so I know how effective it is!
Guess what I'm using da next time I bang myself up!
This product is unscented, but does have a light natural scent 
from da mix of oils that dissipates when it absorbs into your skin. 
 This is my right paw after showering. skin is just fugly with hangnails & mild peeling.
 I've been in love with Reborn Balm in da jar
since I first tried it over 6 months ago.
I use it on my cuticles, hands, elbows & feet with uberlicious results!
you can also use it on your lips & anywhere else you need it
I use da pad of my finger when a jar is new
& when I can't reach da lubey goodness that way anymore,
I use da back of my nail to scoop it up.
I put my pointy claws to use
for getting da last bits out of da curve at da bottom,
so as to not waste a morsel of this soothing mix of oils.
Alas, many peeps don't like jars for their uber lube.
So to answer da hue & cry for Reborn  balm in another form,
Emily now offers da same yumminess in a chapstick-esque tube.
I love da light cocoa butter scent Reborn balm has
& da lubing effectiveness is MOST EXCELLENT!
 See? All that scary dry skin is tamed.
No cosmetic skin care product is a use once & problem solved thing.
If it were, it would be classified as a medication.
My regular use of Reborn oil & balm in both jar & tube 
has greatly improved da appearance of my dry problem prone skin.
Now for something completely new & different...
 This is Emily's Coffee Clay Healing Mask.
It has an yummy earthy coffee scent & comes in a jar.
It's very easy to mix & use from da palm of your hand
if you're only applying it to problem spots,
but I do recommend you mix it in a small bowl
if you go for a full face application like I did.
I used about half of what you see here to do a full face mask.
 This is my left cheek before applying da mask.
I'm 47, prone to dry skin & have battled acne since I was 13.
I don't wear make up cuz my face doesn't like it & breaks out.
I avoid most face care products cuz they often leave my skin
red, uber dry & then my face breaks out anyway.
Emily had similar issues, so she did her homework
& created a clay based facial mask that truly is non-comedogenic!
 Same cheek with da wet mask.
I applied it generously as directed
& it only took 10-15 minutes to dry completely.
 Mud golem skin...or do I look more like da mom of Lizard Man?
I was very please at this point
that my skin hadn't started itching or burning
like its prone to doing when I've tried facial masks in da past.
I used a soft wash cloth wet with warm water
to gently scrub while removing da dried mask. skin is less red than in da before pick!
Da salt in da mask gently exfoliated da dead skin away
& da coffee plus other good stuff left my skin soft plus looking less old.
I did notice my skin was a wee bit dry,
but not any worse than it usually is after a shower
plus my own natural skin oil soon fixed that
since da pores weren't blocked.
I'm writing this da day after I used it & my skin is still soft
& clear of blemishes!
My skin care has consisted of witch hazel & aloe vera gel for decades
cuz those had been da only 2 things I had found
after testing what seems like a bazillion skin care products
that worked & didn't make my skin worse.
Now I have another skin care product
I can safely use on my overly sensitive pita face!
>^. .^<
 Why you no lick your paw to wash your face likes I do, Meowmy?
Hoomans don't lick demselves clean?
Silly hoomans!
Thanks for stopping by
& do your skin a favor
by getting your paws & claws on

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