Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Friday Franken...a lil late.

Hello Dahlings!
Yesterday I was having adventures of da failing phone kind
& I got a bit distracted from blogging,
but I did get this month's franken mani done!
Who knew cell phones don't like getting a spa pedi?
A long time ago in da blog-o-sphere
I made a collection of foil polishes based on da old TV show
ok, like 2.5 yrs ago
Today, I finally have da rest of da bunch to show you!
 Yeah, they're a bit of a hot streaky mess
& I def could have done better with da stencils,
but they're still kinda fun.
Da line up ~ I'm So Confused, They're Not People,
Ooo Oo Ooh! & I Got A note.
with my frankens to decorate mah nails.
I got really good details with Mr Tiki,
but alas, da colors weren't contrasting enuf
for da sponged gradient to show well.
I'll just have to do another mani using these nifty stencils!
I present to y'all:
 His & Hers pedis!
THIS is LOVE, my dahlings!
I was having such a bad day yesterday
that Mr Inky agreed to get his toes painted to match mine,
just to make me laugh & it sure worked.
Now, every time he sees his toes
he wonders who's feet they are, cuz they ain't his!
Eddie Izzard's maybe?
>^. .^<
I'se scared cuz Paw's back claws are all purplfied...
Dat's never happened befores!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. If that's not love, I don't know what is!

    1. IKR?!? He only wore his purple tootsies for about 30 hours then begged me to take it off & give him his toes back. LOL


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