Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Swatch-o-rama feat Carpe Noctem Cosmetics!

Hello Dahlings!

As I mentioned last Sunday, da beauteous & very clever Emily from
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics contacted me to see if I'd swatch & review for her.
Of course I said yes with copious amounts of exclamation points.

In addition to da fantabulous Apothecary Corner products
that I reviewed last week, she also sent her
I Come From The Forest Collection that is debuting
Friday, September 25th!

These polishes were sent to me for swatching & honest review.
All swatches are 2 buttery smooth coats of polish over clear liquid latex
& one coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat.

Let's get da drooling started! 

 Burning Bushes is a rich red linear holo with gold flakies
that wink at you from it's jellied depths.
Rainbows AND flakies in a red jelly
that remind me of Candied Apples?
Yes, please!

Copper Canyon is a darker orange linear holo 
with a subtle golden rose shift.
You can see a hint of the shift on my middle finger
just below the lamp reflection.
Just yummy!
It makes me think of pumpkin spice lattes
& leaves fluttering from da trees.
Foliage In Flames is brighter than Copper Canyon
with it's bold orange jelliness, strong linear rainbow,
& gold flakies.
Faerie Synthesis is my fav of da litter
with it's buttercup yellow jelliness,
linear rainbows & autumn colored metallic flakies!
 I know it leans a wee bit green in da bottle
a flaw of most yellow holos due to da holo pigment being silver
 but Emily nailed it as it ain't greenish on da nail!

I Come From The Forest was da sneaky peak
of da collection & is available now.
This is da perfect darkish green for both fall & winter wear!
It has a strong rainbow & a golden shift.
From The Forest To The Sea is a pearly blue
with linear rainbows & a rainbow of metallic flakies too!
It also sports a subtle golden green shift
that while a wee bit camera shy
is gorgeous IRL!
Snowfall Serenity is that perfect vision
of da sun glinting off freshly fallen snow.
I don't know how Emily did it,
but she created a pearly white linear holo
that doesn't lean gray!
Add in da gold flakies
& you have a perfect polish for both
autumn & winter occasions.
Just look at that perfection!
If you're reading this post before Friday da 25th,
I'm sorry, you have to wait until then
to get your paws on this must have fall collection.
If you're reading this on or after Friday da 25th,
why are you still here?
>^. .^<
 Lookie...I gots claws too!
 I wants my claws prettified with dem orangy polishes!

 I wants pretty claws!
cat tantrums are pretty funny

Pretty please?
Thanks for stopping by
& now go prettify your claws with


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