Friday, June 21, 2013


Hello Dahlings!
Our tale today started nigh on 5 months ago. My DPD Swishie sent me a birthday box of polish goodies back in February. Alas, somewhere 'tween da Royal Mail & da USPO da package went walk-a-bout. Le sigh...great sadness on both sides of da Atlantic.
So what does my DPD do? She decides to send me a 1 year Blog-o-versary pressie! IThis time she played it safe by ordering from Harlowe & Co. (They're in Canada, but ship to da USA.) What did she send me, you ask?
I couldn't decide which I wanted to wear first, so I decided to wear both!
 Da line up: Girly Bits Hot Shot & Twitterpated plus Layla Ocean Rush.
 Here's a close up of Hot Shot. Da linear holo effect is rather subdued & golden, but it was surprisingly opaque & it's a fabulous shiny, shimmery, bubble gum pink!
This is Twitterpated up close & personal. A strong linear blue violet holo with pink micro flecks! Ain't it gorgeous? I love it so much I had to put it on my toes, so I could enjoy it longer! (I promise, no feet pics! lol) If da light is too dull to show off da holo goodness, da blue violetness with teeny tiny pink bits is a grand alternative. Da only down side & it's a tiny one, is that its a wee bit sheer & needed 3 coats for opacity.
Ta Da! I got so excited while doing this mani that I forgot to take a base color pic. Blerg! I started with 2 coats of Hot Shot on my pinky & index; 3 coats of Twitterpated on my ring & thumb plus 2 coats of Ocean Rush on my middle. OR was a royally patchy pita to put on my nails! It showcased how smooth & issue free da Girly Bits are when applying them. I then added skinny stripes on pinky using my Essence skinny striper brush, a pseudo camouflage on ring using a very thin short detail brush, a gradient on middle using a bit of sponge, leopard spots on index using a dotting tool & chevrons on thumb using French Tip sticker forms. I sealed all da holo goodness in with a coat of Seche Vite.
Ain't my DPD Swishie da bestest? You bet your last bottle of polish she is! <3 font="">
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~ Inky


  1. Awww lovely presents, lucky girl! I've had similar disappointments with layla holo's, crap formula :(

    1. Yes, I am! lol A lil thinner helped, but even tho they have great linear holos, I doubt I'll ever buy more Laylas. I got this one thru a blog sale.

  2. So so pretty!!!! Love these so much lady!!! :)

  3. Fantabulous! But we are missing a matchy matchy hair picture lol

    1. You made it possible my DPD! Right now my hair is a mix of fading cotton candy colors & my roots are taking over. LOL I'll take a pic of my sucon hair & matching nails, promise!

  4. Love the holos! I always get bummed about using 3 coats for anything, though. I always end up messing it up! lol

    1. Addictive ain't they? lol White or matching undies can keep the layers of special polishes down to 2, but it's sometimes hard to know the 1st time if you'll need them.


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