Friday, June 28, 2013

Nailed It NZ Patchwork DIY Decals!

Hello Dahlings!
Whew! It's gonna be a scorcher this weekend in da Pacific North Wet...90 degrees. I know that doesn't sound hot to many of you, but we're usually in da mid 70's this time of year & rarely see 90+ at any time. Oh yeah, you want to see da nails...
 Da line up: Orly Platinum, Liquid Vinyl, It's Up To Blue, Beautiful Disaster
& Oh Cabana Boy. Yeah, I was in an Orly kinda mood.
 This is 2 coats of Platinum. Like many frosty pearly polishes, it was a streaky pita to apply, but since I knew I was going to be covering most of it up & just needed it for a white base color...good enuf.
Ta Da! I used Missy from Gnarly Gnail's DIY Decals tutorial with Jessie from Nailed It NZ's Patchwork Nail Art tutorial to make my own patchwork nail art decals. My patches & spacing of said patches could be a wee bit tighter, but overall, these came out pretty good. I used a short, thin detail brush to paint da patches & fill them in with color plus a dotting tool to make da polka dot back ground on my Milani Glosse tc diy decals.
If you haven't tried making your own decals & you tend to get frustrated trying to stamp or do nail art directly on your nails...YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!! There is a small learning curve while you figure out how get your decals on your nails & clean up around da edges, but it's SO much easier to do any type of nail art on a flat surface then apply it to your nails than doing da art directly on your nails. Could this be considered 'cheating' by nail art purists? Maybe? But I do my nails for ME & am willing to embrace a technique that helps me get da art I want on my nails with less frustration & time wasted.
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