Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ 5 in 1 SUcon test nails!

Hello Dahlings!
I told you last week that I'd have more convention test nails & I went for broke! This is really pic heavy & a few are a wee bit blurry, but oh well. I used a different bit o' sponge for each finger & went over each nail twice.
Da base color line up: L.A. Colors Energy Source, Finger Paints Paper Mache,
Ruby Kisses Whiter Than White, Scandal French White & China Glaze White on White.
Starting at da bottom, 2 coats each of: pinky ~ Energy Source, ring ~ Paper Mache,
middle ~ Whiter Than White, index ~ French White & thumb ~ White On White.
All work fine as a base color tho' my bottle of China Glaze White On White is a bit thick
& not easy to get a smooth finish.
 Pinky line up: Sally Hansen Spectrum, DVD & LCD
Usually these three give good blingy coverage, but they didn't want to play nice over da white. As you can see, they came out patchy & pastel. 
 Ring line up: Sally Hansen Flash, Spark & Gleaming
Decent coverage & blending. I lil on da dark side, but a possible contender!
 Middle line up: Nubar Absolute, Treasure & Brilliant
These 3 played well enuf together, but came out more pastel than I'm looking for.
 Index line up: Color Club Over The Moon, Eternal Beauty & Miss Bliss
I do love how well da Halo Hues play together! As gorgeous as it is,
it's still a wee bit lighter than what I want for my convention nails.
 Thumb line up: Sally Hansen BLU, Cyber & Digital
Now this is more like it! Blingy, well blended & bright is what I want to wear to SLC.
I still have a few more combos to try & 3 weeks left to see what I like best. If I'm going to have to wear da same nails for 10 days to 2 weeks, I'd better be in love with that mani!
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Only 8 more days!!!
~ Inky


  1. do you paint all 3 onto a sponge, or sponge them on individually?

    1. I paint all 3 on the sponge & dab away on da nail. I reapply da polish on da sponge for each nail.


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