Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wierd Wednesdays ~ Convention Test Nails #2

Hello Dahlings!
My polish daughter, Miss Swishie, reminded me last weekend that I hadn't done any Stampin' Up! Convention nail tests in awhile. Da sucon is only 4 weeks away so I  probably should do some more testing cuz I haven't decided what polishes to use yet. I'm going with a bright gradient in pink/purple/blue to match my hair with rhinestones spelling out da company name on my fingers & '25' on my big toes. Yep! I'm doing a pedi to match my mani!
I needed to do my June Polish Days manilast Sunday & I wanted to do some sucon testing, but I have a really hard time doing my nails, then taking da polish off as soon as I'm done so I can do another design. (This is why you don't see swatch posts from me, I refuse to spend hours polishing & removing said polish over & over.)
So I had to get a wee bit creative...
 Da line up: Orly Snow Cone, Ruby Kisses Electric Purple, Orly Va Va Voom
& Kleancolor Silver Star
You are about to enter a pedi zone!!!
 Meet my chubby lil piggies: pinky & big have Va Va Voom,
ring & index have Electric Purple, middle has Snow Cone.
All colors are 2 coats.
Big piggy got the gradient then all 5 got a coat of Silver Star. (which I forgot to take a pic of) What I learned from this is that I'm going to have to wear white undies if I want my nail color to POP.
I promise you won't see my piggies again for a long while.
This was a polishing emergency!
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~ Inky


  1. A gradient toe! Don't see that much, excellent :)

    1. Thanks! Alas, I can't hold my breath long enuf to do a full pedi with it. LOL


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