Friday, June 14, 2013

Punky Party Nails w/OOTD!

Hello Dahlings!
Mr Inky & I aren't big party peeps. When we do go to a party it's usually a work related thing for Mr Inky where making an appearance is somewhat political. (show up or we won't think you're a team player lol) So last Saturday we went to a 'team building' bbq at da bosses house. Mr Inky's boss is really cool, so going to his house isn't as bad as some of da other work parties we've been to when he worked other places. This is da same boss who's Day of da Dead party I wore this mani to last November. I knew it would be a mildly warm day & decided to wear a jumper I've had for nigh on 20 years & still love.
I wanted my nails to co-ordinate.
This is a pic of da back of da jumper I wanted my nails to match.
Da line up: Ruby Kisses African Violet, Silver Bling & Pitch Black Darkness plus Sinful Colors Watch It Shine along with my smallest dotting tool.
(not shown are my skinny striper & Milani Glosse Top Coat)
This is 2 coats of African Violet.
I did a double line French tip with Pitch Black Darkness & Silver Bling (I used my skinny striper to add da silver lines) then added a coat of Watch It Shine. I had to fish a bit for da lil rainbow holo diamonds, but it wasn't too difficult.
A close up of Watch It Shine for you. It's base is kinda murky looking in da bottle,
but it dries clear. Look at all da pretty rainbow colors!
I then made 2 decals using this image off Fab Ur Nails Fun 1 plate. I painted swatches on plastic using da Milani then stamped da image using Pitch Black Darkness. I colored them in using da smallest dotting tool I have (it has a point rather than a ball)
& African Violet, Silver Bling & Pitch Black Darkness.
TA DA! I applied my decals using da Milani tc then added some pink iridescent hearts over da stamped heart eyes using da Milani as glue. 
I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite to finish.
I think this turned out so cute!
My accessories I wore with my outfit & spiffy mani. Da earrings are from Claire's, da watch was a 'buy $, get this free' from Sally Beauty Supply
& da bracelets are from Born Pretty Store.
A word on da bracelets...I knew when I read da product info they would be too small for my wrists, so I ordered 3 silver & 3 black then cut da elastic they were strung on so I could reconfigure da beads into bracelets that would fit. I got a package of pretty colored elastic in da kids' craft section of my local craft store & dug out da dental floss threaders I got at da drug store for beading & made 5 bracelets that fit plus I had enuf beads left over to make a barrette too. (I still have to glue those beads to a hair clip.) If you have average to thin wrists, these bracelets will fit you just fine, if you're big boned &/or well padded like me, restringing them is easy.
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You can't win if you don't play!!!
~ Inky 


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