Friday, November 21, 2014

CNT 52 week Pn'M ~ Book & Brown

Hello Dahlings!
I told you'd I get my Tart's book/brown mani done this week.
Too bad I almost, but not quite, epically failed at it.
 I decide to try to stamp a water marbled image
like ones often founds inside the covers
of a well bound hardback book.
I said I tried!
My stamping needs uber practice. Blerg.
 This is a swatch pic of The Devil Wears Polish
I stamped using TDWP Chocolate Cupcake & Vivid plate VL 009.
VL 009 is currently not available.
In my defense, I did a test drive using a new purple plastic scraper
that I got as a bonus
for buying the 2 newest Bundle Monsters plate sets,
the beach set & the 2nd fan designed set.
I may or may not have gotten better results
had I used the black scraper
that came with the Vivid squishy stamper.
>^. .^<
Dem claws is so sad I can't bears to look at dem!
Thanks for stopping by!
Now please go clean your eyeballs
by checking out da great nails
done by da other Tarts.
~ Inky

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