Monday, November 10, 2014

CNT PN'M 52 wk challenge ~ Wild Animal & Yellow

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tarts are doing wild animal &/or yellow nails.
Yellow is my LEAST favorite color of all time,
but I'm willing to take one for da team.
I had a though about what I wanted this mani to look like
& it didn't happen. Blerg.
 Da line up ~ Finger Paints Paper Mache (undies),
Princessa 540-10 & Nabi Yellow 01
plus a Sally Hansen Fine Black 01 nail art pen
 After applying a base coat of Paper Mache
& added 2 coats of da Princessa.
I then added trianglish wedges of da Nabi.
I even managed to include a cat hair!
 Da 2 yellows contrast better under black light.
You had to know that if I'm doomed
to wear yellow polish for nigh on a week...
its gonna glow-in-the-dark!
It's stamp camp prep week again!
After adding a coat of SH Dries Fast to smooth out da yellows,
I drew in da stylized tigeresque stripes.
This really did look better in my head!
Both gitd yellows are available in sets on Amazon
& the SH pens are usually to be found
wherever Sally Hansen products are sold.
>^. .^<
Me likey it when your nails glow like my bootiful eyes, Meowmy!
Thanks for stopping by & please go visit da other Tarts!
~ Inky


  1. But you wear the yellow so well...this looks so cool x

    1. Thanks! Everybody has their fav & not fav colors. Yellow just happens to be my most not fav. LOL

  2. The animalprint looks great on your nails ;)

    xxx julia


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