Friday, November 28, 2014

My Halloween Mani & Trip Photos!

Hello Dahlings!
My Inky & I decided to have a mini adventure over Halloween,
instead of sitting home waiting for trick or treaters
that don't come by anymore. *Le sigh*
Once upon a time, we had so many kids coming by
that I would just sit on the stairs in da entry way
& barely get 5 minutes of butt time
before da next group came by for their free candy.
So knowing what a quiet night it would be,
we headed to da Olympic peninsula to explore
This is the mani I wore:
 I hadn't done an Ikat mani before...I think I like it!
 Da line up ~ Sally Hansen OMGhost; Sinful Colors Gitd;
Mentality Blue, Purple & Red-Purple tints;
& LynB Designs Frosty Snot
plus a short detail brush (trimmed)
& a Sally Hansen nail art pen in Black. 
I started with just one coat of SH OMGhost!
then I added one coat of SC GITD. 
I still luv my Finger Paints Paper Mache,
but this Halloween 2014 LE makes for awesome white undies.
I even got a back up!
 SC GITD is one of, if not,
da BEST gitd topper I've found so far!
Sally Girl's lil bottles of gitd polish are good too,
but those lil bottles only get me 1-2 manis,
so I prefer da SC full size bottle.
I then used da tints with da small brush to apply da colors.
I need 2 coats so da colors showed up enuf to suit my muse,
but not so much that da gitd would get obscured.
Once da tints were dry,
I used da SH pen to add da outlines using short lil strokes.
Da pen was MUCH easier to use than a paint brush.
I then added a coat of Frosty Snot
& finished with a coat of Seche Vite.
I've tried quite a few linear holo toppers,
but keep going back to FS.
It adds good rainbows with out silvering da colors underneath.
Maybe a comparison post is in order? 
Leave a comment below,
if you want me to do a linear holo top coat comparison! 
 This one glowed so well!
Now for your tortuous vacation pic spam!
This is where you end up if you miss da turn off to da ridge.
Not my fault!
There is NO park sign pointing to da road up to da ridge,
just a sign that says 'Hurricane Ridge RD'.
Considering how many roads are named
for something not in da immediate area,
I think I can be forgiven the side trip to the lake
cuz it's SO pretty & Mr Inky hadn't really seen it before. 
 Nope...not a damn thing!
This sign is at a view spot on da way up to da ridge.
I've spent many a year
trying to talk Mr Inky into going to da ridge
only to have da place socked in with fog.
 This is da view down da mountain side of da view point.
My vertigo no likey! LOL
 This is da water side view
just before we moved on up da road to da ridge.
Da water in da distance is da Strait of Juan De Fuca
 Our view look south from da ridge.
Yep, still foggy!
 Oh yeah, it's a white white world!
 They had already had some snow on da ridge
& it was only November 1st.
 Hey! Da sun is coming out...
 ...sort of...
 ... a little.
 Da view at da view point had cleared up
by da time we headed down.
If you look really hard, 
you might be able to make out da lil crabs
on this pillar at da ferry terminal.
Maybe...if you have super duper vision.
Thanks for stopping by
& I hope y'all had a great Turkey Day!
~ Inky


  1. Glow in the dark looks fun! Would love to see a tc comparison!


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