Friday, November 14, 2014

Ghoul & Da Gang!

Hello Dahlings!
I have another Halloweenesque mani for y'all today!
 I really enjoyed both da doing & da wearing of this design!
Nabi GITD Raspberry 19, L. Blue 20, L. Teal 11 & White 09;
& Konad Black for da stamping
 2 yummilicious buttery coats of White Choco Raspberry Swirl
Why would I use the polish for a white base coat,
knowing that I'd be covering it up?
Cuz I was already wearing it from da swatchorama
I had done earlier that day.
It was easier to keep it on
than to re-do my base color with a white crème.
 I splodged on da 4 gitds.
I don't know why my fingers & palm are infocus
& my nails aren't?
Yep! They glow just dandy fine.
 I then stamped using da Konad Black & this Cici & Sisi plate 22
from da new Yellow set that came out recently on Amazon.
To see all da designs in this set,
Video tour of Cici & Sisi's Yellow Jumbo set #3
Michelle also did a video tour of Red Jumbo set #4
If you'd like to see da plates in da White Jumbo set #1
& Pink Jumbo set #2,
go check out this Show & Tell post I did last year.
These sets are available on Amazon & are a good value
for a bunch of original designs that come with their own storage
plus a stamper & scraper.
 Yep! These were fun.
>^. .^<
A lil back yard kitty adventure from last summer!
 I gots a big bug!
Ciri had found a 3" grasshopper!
 I losted it, but Luna will help me look...
 We gonna stay outta da collateral damage zone
& watch y'all from over here.
Jazz on da left & Ziggy on da right.
Luna, is you sitting on my big bug?
She was! LMBBO
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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