Thursday, November 6, 2014

TDWP ~ Halloween ain't over yet!

Hello Dahlings!
I feel a bit messed up this week.
Our trip last weekend was way mondo fun, but it left me rather tired.
Then we sprung a leak in da laundry room window
that is messing with da alarm sensor,
so da alarm system has been sending out a maintenance alarm
at random hours of da night & day to let us know da batteries are low.
They aren't cuz I replaced them da 1st night, but every time it rains
da leak runs right over da sensor & da maintenance alarm goes off.
We've entered our rainy season here, so waiting for it to dry out
enuf to fix da leak may take a few days.
So I've been going short on sleep & long on crankies.
Plus I had a DRs apt yesterday
that I had to get up early for & then I took a long nap
& managed to completely forget about doing Wednesday's post.
I do have a fun & easy Halloween mani to show you today!
All of da Halloween stickers & stencils are on SALE right now!
 This is 2 buttery coats of Super O!
 Confession time...
I was trying to do a dry marble technique using Smooth as Ansac
& epically failed.
I ended up with this random squiggly pattern that I like!
I added a coat of SH Dries Fast
& then used da stencil part of da pumpkin faces
with Lights Out to make my jack-o-lanterns.
I finished with a coat of Seche Vite.
Alas, I did not shake up Lights Out enuf
to redistribute da gitd pigment, so my nails didn't glow.
*pouty whiskers*
>^. .^<
Missy says meh.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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