Friday, May 31, 2013

Cosmic Twins!

Hello Dahlings!
If you've been following my Inky adventures of late, you may have seen my guest post at I'm Still Thinking... earlier this week. When I discovered Jenna's blog last autumn, we both had blue hair at da time. As we got to know each other a bit, we learned we had many things in common besides our hair color & nail blogging. Things like similarities in our names & our birthdays being 2 days apart along with more common things like animals & crafting. So I quipped that we must be cosmic twins hatched from da same nest in another dimension/alternate reality. (I say nest cuz there are several years between us in age & eggs don't all hatch da same time. LOL)
Moving up to da present...last week Jenna posted that her laptop had been invaded by gremlins (my term, not hers LOL) & she was having a Mystery Package Blog Sale to help raise money for her new 'puter fund along with requesting guest posts to help fill da void until she got something set up so she could post again without having to abscond with her hub's 'puter. I immediately volunteered to send her a guest post & having bought her Mystery Packages before & being quite pleased with da contents (She has an awesome polish collection!) I Paypal'd her pronto. My package arrived & my guest post got posted on Tuesday! When I opened da padded envie I got all squee'd up cuz it had all sorts of polish treasures & embellishments in it...da best treasure of all was a fanken Jenna had made for me called 'Cosmic Twins'! Guest what I put on my nails next?
 Da line up: Sally Hansen Glow & JennaFroggy Cosmic Twins along with a China Marker that I'll 'splain in a mo'.
This is 2 coats of glow. I could tell that Cosmic Twins would be semi-opaque & didn't want to waste it by having to put on 3 coats for opacity, so I picked Glow to use as undies cuz I though it would offer a contrast to make da blingy bits pop.
KAPOW!!! Look at all that sparkly green goodness! Cosmic Twins is a lovely pale golden lime green with fine gold holo glitter & random bits of lil gold, green & red glitters.
It went on like da proverbial butter!
I didn't want to cover up da goodness, so I opted for just adding lil lime green open hearts that have a green/pink iridescent finish on my ring fingers. Showing da love I have for this polish & my Cosmic Twin for sending it to me! Oh? You want to know what da white pencil looking thingy in da line up is for? China White pencils are basically a translucent white wax pencil that can be used for masking among other art uses. I saw someone use one to pick up & apply nail bling on their blog (I am SO sorry that I can't remember where! If I remember, I'll add da info here.) & thought I'd give it a try. BRILLIANT!!! Da wax tip was just soft enuf to make da hearts stick to it, but not hang on when I pressed da hearts into da wet polish. I've never placed nail bling so easily!
A new tool in my nail art tote for sure!
Looky at all da sparklies! I want to wear this beauty on it's own & try it over other base colors cuz I think it will add dazzle to whatever it goes over.
Big Thanks to JennaFroggy for such a lovely home made polish!
Now go check out da awesome value of her Mystery Package Blog Sale & buy yourself a couple so she can get a new 'puter!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Lol, You are such a great friend <3 I am glad you liked the polish. When I made this one I thought it was the perfect combo for us. :D Thank you!

    1. I do try. LOL You succeeded completely & you are most welcome! Here's hoping your 'puter fund over-floweth sooner than later!!! <3


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