Friday, May 3, 2013

Whimsical Ideas by Pam ~ Magical Mystery Tour!

Hello Dahlings!

Last Monday I told you about the fab pro-mani I got at Posh Nails Spa & how I had planned on doing some nail art over it to keep it going a couple more days.
Then this happened last Friday morning:

Toopid cat food drop feeder lid! I have a fault line on this nail that runs from cuticle to tip & that's exactly where this break happened.

Orly Nail Mender Kit to da rescue! You can easily see da white line that runs thru this nail. It's not so obvious on da nail bed, but it's there & has been there for over 7 years now.

While I did put da patch on da top of my nail, I've gotten great results also placing it under da nail as reinforcement. Alas, my pro-mani removed my undercoating & I think this is indirectly responsible for this break, tho I don't think it helped that I was so deep in prep mode that I didn't take da time to replace it. Since I had to remove da yummy holo polish I had on to fix it, I decided I wanted something fun
& untried on my nails to cheer me up.
Da line up: Whimsical Ideas by Pam Magical Mystery Tour, Sally Hansen BLU & Stanford Uniball Gel Impact pen in silver.
TA DA! This is 2 coats of MMT with no undies. Da jelly like base has an almost metallic sheen to it that lets da blue glitter shine thru while covering VNL. I added a Double Line French Tip using BLU with da bottle brush & added da skinny line with da pen. I really have to find da black & white pens in this line! If they work as well as da gold & silver ones, my Inky lil heart will SING!!!
You can buy Pam's uber yummy polishes thru her Facebook page: Whimsical Ideas by Pam
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Oh no inky! That's one terrible break there, but glad you got it patched up! I've been seeing all kinds of nasty breaks this month, including mine that left me nubbin even after patching. :( Anyway, love the mani and the magical mystery tour is just gorgeous.

    1. Yeah, it sucks to break a nail. LOL I needed to trim them back anyway so I can wear gloves while gardening. Pam's polishes are so YUMMY!

  2. Oh noes! But a whimsical ideas by Pam will make almost any sad face happy again. :)


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