Sunday, May 5, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ black, grey & white!

Hello Dahlings!
Today's tested polishes are black, dark grey, light grey (aka silver) & white. Here we go...
Blacks ~ Black Heart Beauty Cursed, Joe Jet Black, Orly Liquid Vinyl
& Ruby Kisses Black Utopia
Ruby Kisses Pitch Black Darkness, Scandal Modern Black, Zoya Raven
& Sally Hansen Lustrous (this one is more of a blackened blue than a true black)
China Glaze Stone Cold & Color Club Beyond
China Glaze Liquid Leather & Finger Paints Black Expressionism
(I got these 2 after I tested the others)
Dark Greys ~ Nail Savvy Lightening, Loreal VIP Status, Orly Steel Your Heart & Zoya Freya
Elf Metal Madness, American Apparel Smoke Dazzle & Orly Faint of Heart
Light Greys (aka silver) ~ Wet N' Wild Going Platinum, L.A. Colors Live
& Color Club Harp On It
Revlon Silver Screen, Wet N' Wild Metallica & Scandal Eskimo Silver
Whites ~ Finger Paints Paper Mache, Milani White On the Spot
& Orly Dayglow (shows a blue sheen when stamped over black)
Revlon Powder Puff Matte Suede, Orly Platinum & Revlon Pure Pearl
China Glaze White on White
(bought after the others had been tested)
We've made it thru da basic colors! I'm not done yet tho' cuz I still have several specialty polishes to show you was well as monthly up dates on what new polishes I've acquired that can be used to stamp.
Next week ~ Color Changing & Magnetic polishes that stamp!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Thank you for this - I am sure a lot of girls will find it very useful!

    1. You're welcome, Dahling! I hope so. LOL

  2. I love this series of posts--thanks so much for doing them. :)

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad peeps are finding it useful.


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