Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Gel Pens are an Epic FAIL

Hello Dahlings!
I tested regular gel pens this week...and have nothing to show for it cuz they were an epic failure. I tested mostly Sakura brand along with some generics. The generics wouldn't even draw on my nails. The Sakura's Gelly Roll lines are great for coloring on paper, I've even used them on foil! Alas, even tho' I could get them to draw on my nails, the ink would not dry. I waited 15 minutes after I applied the last test group & easily wiped all of my nails clean with a dry tissue. I mean totally clean, no trace of the ink except where I got a lil on my skin. So there I sat with plain, single color nails & no showable test results...I can't have that!
Da line up: Wet N' Wild Metallica, Essence Miss Universe & Milani Fast Fuchsia
(I recently got the Essence & Milani and had them sitting there after adding them to my swatch book.)
This is 2 coats of Metallica. I bought it to try for stamping &/or use for frankening. I don't like it as a base color, it's rather streaky & I have better metallic polishes I can use, but I thot I'd at least try it out in this capacity. Seche Vite did smooth out some of the brush lines. If you're on a tight polish budget, this is a tolerable stamping polish for $1.
Ta Da! On da fly mani rescue. LOL I did a Double Line French Tip using Fast Fuchsia & Miss Universe. I used da brush in Fast Fuchsia & my Essence skinny striper to add da lines of Miss Universe. Note to self: just cuz it says fast dry, doesn't mean it actually dries all that fast. Fast Fuchsia suffered from spot bleeding when I applied SV. I had lil smear spots of pink near the cuticle on 3 nails cuz it wasn't dry yet. This was at least 10 minutes after I applied it! It had plenty of dry time while I added the stripes. I hope this one can be stamped with cuz I don't know if I trust it a potencial base color.
Miss Universe is deceiving in store lighting! I got it thinking it was a dark green teal. It is, but what I couldn't see in da store was da sprinkling of purple bits in there playing with the blue & green micro glitters. Me likey!
I still have a few more pens to test plus lots of other craft supplies.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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