Monday, April 29, 2013

I Got A Pro Mani!

Hello Dahlings!
I like to get a monthly pedi & face waxing. (Nobody told me I'd look like a mini Schnauzer if I didn't do something about da facial hair when I got older!) I've used a few different salons over da years, but my loyalty is to da quality of service rather than da salon or da person providing these services. Da one I used most for many years did an ok job on da spa pedis, but I didn't like how they did da waxing. (My skin is very sensitive & can turn very red as well as explode with acne after a waxing.) I started going to a new place last year & while I liked how they did da waxing, their pedis were just ok & then just recently they changed their schedule. So now they're closed on da one day a week most convenient for me & Mr Inky. I don't drive. Mr Inky is great about taking me where I want & need to go and he was great about helping me to think of where other mani/pedi salons are in our area. We have a bazillion of them, but of course thinking of where they are actually located was leaving us both stumped. Mr Inky uses Yelp all da time to help him find good restaurants. (He likes food!) So I asked if Yelp offered reveiws of other types of businesses. They do! We pulled into a parking lot & he whipped out his phone. In a few minutes later he'd found a listing for Posh Nail Spa  They have 16 reviews...all gave 5 stars! We headed there asap. I got a lovely spa pedi & had no lil snags to file off when I got home. I got my doggy face waxed & Michelle asked me something no other person about to do my waxing ever had: Do you have problems with either the wax or lotion used after waxing? I told her about my persnickety skin & she made sure da wax was cooled a bit before she applied it & she didn't use lotion after she was done, just aloe vera. I use aloe vera on my skin all da time cuz it helps heal da out breaks & doesn't make me break out worse, like most comercial skin care products do. I've tested many, many products in da last 30+ years that were for 'sensitive' skin & many that were also non-comodemetic. Almost all of them made my skin worse.
Michelle did such a great job that my face didn't explode! This makes me a happy Inky!
I also got a mani, just to see how well they did. Long before I started doing nail art on my self, let alone blogging, I was uber picky about my manis & generally I do a better job on my nails than I've experienced in any salon or spa. Considering how picky I am, I give Posh Nail Spa a B+ on my mani! Amy (Michelle's mom) & I chatted about life while she did my hands. I very much enjoyed myself!
Wanna see my pro-mani?
Da line up: China Glaze 2 Nite. The had it on their polish rack
& I knew this was da one that I wanted on both my hands & feet!
Look at all that holo goodness! I think 2 Nite was part of China Glaze's last holo collection? I wish da 2013 collection had this much rainbow yumminess. Amy did such a good job that I left this on for FOUR days! I rarely go that long without doing my nails & I didn't even do any nail art over it. LOL I was going to, but I broke a nail & had to remove da polish to repair it. More about that on Friday.
HA! This was supposed to be a Monday Quickie post.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky  


  1. lol - your doggy face thing cracked me up!

    1. It's true! My son envied my moustache when he was a teen. LOL

  2. Rofl! I'm a full-on poodle if I don't wax and pluck hard and often--so I feel you!


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