Monday, April 22, 2013

Convention Nails Test Mani ~ mini fail

Hello Dahlings!
Da Stampin' Up! Annual Conventions is just 3 months away & I'm starting to ponder what I want on my nails for da week I'm in SLC. (I know what I'm doing with my hair already.) It's da 25th anniversary of da company & I've worked for them as an independent demo for 10 yrs this summer. (my SU b-day is da week after convention) So I want my nails to stand out, ya' know? I know I want a neon pink, purple & blue gradient plus rhinestone gems spelling out da company name on my fingers & '25' on my big toes which will also have da gradient with a skittle of da colors on my lil toes. I will do a UV gel sandwich to help my mani last da week. Da pondering & testing is to find da perfect polishes to use.
Da line up: China Glaze Love's A Beach, Gothic Lolita & Splish Splash
plus Nubar Black Polka Dot
This is ONE coat of Love's A Beach! It's a contender for my SUcon mani.
Not surprising cuz it's opaque enuf to stamp with too.
Alas, Splish Splash is not opaque. It would not sponge on with da other colors & I had to dab it on with da brush after wiping most of da polish off. It's pretty,
but will likey need undies if I wear it as a base color.
Gothic Lolita is another option for my SUcon mani for it's opacity
& it also works for stamping.
Nope! I can't leave well enuf alone. I added a coat of Black Polka Dot & then a coat of Seche Vite. I had to go fishing for da polka dots, but I like da effect of da fine black glitter enuf to not care much.
I want to test a few other neons between now & then, so you'll be seeing more neon grandients in da next couple of months.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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