Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I won A Painted Nail's Give-a-way!

Hello Dahlings!
Yep! I won the A Painted Nail 100th Post Give-a-way last month! WOOHOO! Da lovely Bridget sent me some nifty nail art supplies & I wanted to do something spify with them. Here's what she sent:
I won some kewl polish, 3 rolls of metallic striping tape (pink, purple & green),
2 dotting tools & a yummy choco-hazelnut carrot that lasted maybe 10 minutes
past da opening of da package.
Da line up: China Glaze Mimosa's Before Mani's & Tart-y For The Party plus Claire's Galaxy. I had pondered getting some of China Glaze's spring line while at Sally Beauty Supply in March but passed cuz I thought they might be too close to other polishes in my stash...WRONGO! MBM is in a funky zone all it's own, with its subtle gold shimmer it's almost too light to be an orange & almost too dark to be a peach. Catagorize it how you wish, I call it yummy! TFTP is a blue violet lavender that didn't dup anything in my substantial purple polish collection. This impressed me to no end! LOL
This is 2 coats of Tart-y For The Party on my ring finger & Mimosa's Before Mani's on da rest. They're China Glaze & behaved prob!
TADA! My first successful string tape mani!!! I usually get polish bleeding under da tape & have to do so much touching up that hand painting designs is easier for me. (I know, I'm wired weird. LOL) But Bridget encourged me to keep trying & I did it. I used a dotting tool to do da leopard print on my ring finger & thumb.
I CASE'd da desgin she did using these 2 polishes. You can see her awesome version HERE
Maybe striping tape isn't so scary after all?
My thanks to da dahling Bridget for hosting such a wowzer give-a-way!
Please go show her blog some lovin!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. i love tape manis. its all about getting it stuck down in those edges and corners REALLY good.

    1. That & waiting until the SV is totally cured before applying tape. LOL

  2. cute tape mani! i think those are fun and easy to do :) the carrot sounds yummy too

  3. This is seriously fab! Both the colour combo & the design are inspired x x x

    1. Thanks dahling! Bridget gets all da credit for both...I just copied her. lol


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