Sunday, April 21, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ Violets!

Hello Dahlings!
This week we'll be looking at what violet polishes I have that can be stamped with!
A word about color names. I was an art design major in college 25 years ago & have worked in various art & design related jobs since then. I learned the color one gets from combining red & blue is called Violet. A violet that leans more towards red is often labeled purple rather than red-violet & a violet that leans towards blue is usually labeled blue-violet. I did some web searches today to support this long ago learned info for this post & was reminded of something important: life is subjective & so is color! Depending on the type of site I was on (art vs. design vs. science) several of the color wheels I found listed purple as the result of combining red & blue. My lil old inky brain says this is wrong, but a generation has passed since I 1st learned color theory & obviously some things have changed or at least shifted a bit. I can live with this, but you'll just have to deal with my using the terms I'm most comfy with when talking about color on my blog.
On to da polish...
Blue Violets: Sephora by OPI Here's Lilac-ing At You Kid, Finger Paints Grape Gumball, Revlon Not So Blueberry (scented)
Sinful Colors Let's Talk, Sally Hansen Cyber, Sally Hansen DVD, Color Club Eternal Beauty
China Glaze Avalanche, Sephora by OPI I Don't Bite, Nubar Erratic Purple
Ruby Kisses, Mystic Aurora, Vidanail (color name unknown), Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud
Red Violets: Sally Hansen Flair & Kleancolor Metallic Purple
Orly Close Your Eyes, Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia, Nicole by OPI Back In My Gloria Days, China Glaze No Plain Jane
Sally Hansen Purple Diamond, China Glaze Gothic Lolita, Nubar Treasure, Orly Satin Royalty (now that's an OLD Orly bottle LOL)
Elf Royal Purple, Ruby Kisses Magenta, China Glaze Flying Dragon, Ruby Kisses Electric Purple
Sweet Color (name unknown), Color Club Cloud 9, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, Sally Hansen Lavender Marquis
Dang! Do I maybe, possibly have too many violet polishes? Nah!
Next week: da pinks!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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