Monday, April 8, 2013

Hard Candy Quickie!

Hello Dahlings!
I am SO glad my Does It Stamp? series is being well received! I still want to show you my various manis each week, but Mondays will be quickies so as to not overshadow da Sunday posts. Today's show & tell is da mani I did right after my last hair dying in mid-March. I've been using Color Jam 2 from Sally Beauty Supply & not liking it! It doesn't absorb into my hair as well as Ion Brights (also from Sally's) & it fades out much faster, even with sealer. It comes in a bottle that is about twice da volume as da Ion tubes for about da same price. For me this is half da price cuz I have to buy 2 tubes to cover my long hair. But I have to color my hair twice as often with less desirable results. I'm going back to da Ion Brights once I use up all da Color Jam I bought on sale. I don't have a pic of my hair this time, but the colors co-ordinate pretty well.
Da line up: Hard Candy Fireworks, Orly Snowcone,
Wet N' Wild On A Trip & Frosted Fuchsia
I started with 2 coats of the base colors: pinky ~ Snowcone, ring ~ On A Trip, middle ~ Frosted Fuchsia, index ~ On A Trip. (thumb is Snowcone, but I think I dinged it up enuf to not want to show it LOL) I then added 1 coat of Fireworks to my ring & thumb. The base of Fireworks is a light fuchsia-ish red that shifted da color of both nails wearing it. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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