Friday, April 26, 2013

Dealing with my wait problem & lessons learned

Hello Dahlings!
As I promished yesterday, today's mani is about lessons learned. I wanted to do something like THIS by my Mistress of Nail Art, the fantabulous Mimi from Mimi Manicures for da stamp camp I had last Saturday. Alas, my desire to try something new ended up hoisting me on my on petard.
Da Friday night line up: China Glaze Dandy Lyon Around
& several permanent markers that had passed testing.
This is 2 coats of Dandy Lyon Around. Mimi loves it & didn't report any trouble when using it. While it is very pretty with it's subtle glass fleck, my bottle was rather thick & prone to pulling patches. I'll have to add thinner & see if that helps to smooth it out next time. I added a coat of Seche Vite after taking this pic.
This is what happened to my left hand when I added SV after doodling with da markers. I waited about 15 minutes after da last color was added & it was close to 1/2 an hour after doing the blue lines. Those didn't smear, but da rest did. Note to self: wait at least 1/2 an hour after these using pens to apply top coat.
This is my right hand with da doodles intact. I decided to not top coat da rest of my nails to see how da markers held up without it. They're permanent markers, so one would think they'd last at least a lil while...right? Nope! Da cuticle oil I applied right after this pic started to fade da blue lines around  da edges within da hour & by Saturday night all the un top coated nail designs had pretty much rubbed off. Granted, I worked on Saturday & that means getting all inky & sticky with glue stick thus haveing to wash my hands a lot so as to not leave finger prints on my peeps projects. (not leaving finger prints is da main reason my skin gets SO dry when I work, I can't lube until I'm all done & da paper just sucks da moisture from my skin)
Da lesson in all this is to NOT give in to your wait problem
& give da ink time to cure before adding top coat cuz without tc
your doodles will not last long enuf to be worth da effort.
Thanks for stopping by!
More Does It Stamp! on Sunday!!!
~ Inky


  1. awwwwwwwwww inky!!!! I think your doodles are simply adorable!!!! awwww Mimi feels like I am back at school hehe!!! I am so gutted for you the inks smudged but hey, this is all a learning curve isn't it. I think you did an excellent job my angel....ohhh and I love being refered to as your mistress! lol! well done honey xxxxx

    1. Thank you my beloved Mistress! <3 My doodles are worth trying again...I just have to cope with my wait problem. LMBBO

  2. I don't now how you managed to even wait 15 minutes - I'd have given in after five!

    1. You would not have been happy with da results if you did. LOL They aren't truely wet during da cure time, so one could get up & do stuff. <3


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