Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ permanent markers

Hello Dahlings!
I'm trying to be more organized in my posting, hence Does It Stamp? is on Sundays & I'm posting manis on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I'm making Wednesday my 'weird' day so I can post nail art experiments & nail fails. Today's weirdness is a 2fer & stems from several recent posts in da blog-o-sphere about nail art pens. I may end up getting some, but I wanted to see if any of da gazzilion markers I already own would work.
First I went thru all of my various types of markers to weed out any that had dried out. Then I pulled out those that I thought might work & tested them. (Yeah, I like to test things before putting them on my nails. lol)
I painted a stripe of black & white on pieces of glossy card stock (it doesn't absorb da polish like regular paper), let it dry completely, then tested da pens for opacity & whether it dried on polish. Watercolor markers do not work cuz they can't absorb into da polish. Paint pens, gel pens, metallic & other permanent markers can work, but not all of them can handle being top coated.
Da line up: China Glaze White on White
Bic Mark It ultra fine point permanent markers in Tuxedo Black, Fandango Pink & Deep Sea Blue (these come in sets & as singles in office supply stores)
Permapaque markers in black, purple & pink (these come in a set from a craft store)
Sharpie ultra fine point in black (available in sets or singles just about anywhere office supplies are sold)
SRX Metallic Color Sharp permanent metallic marker in purple (these come in sets at Target for cheap & have both ultra fine & fine tips)
I arranged da pens by which ones I used together.
I used 2 coats of White on White for my base color & I have to say I don't like this polish. Maybe I got a funky bottle, but the brush had wonky bristles (I trimmed them) & da polish didn't want to smooth out. It kept making bald patches & on a couple of fingers I had to add a 3rd coat to get rid of dings that happened before I could add a coat of Seche Vite. It dried very slowly compared to other whites I have. I'll use it, but I won't buy it again.
Da pens from left to right: index ~ Bic Mark It Tuxedo Black & Fandango Pink; middle ~ Bic Mark It Tuxedo Black, Fandango Pink & Deep Sea Blue; ring ~ Permapaque pens; pinky ~ Sharpie Black, Bic Fandango Pink & SRX metallic.
I then added Seche Vite. Some inks survived, some didn't. Da Bics generally did da worst cuz da black faded a bit & da pink dispersed a lot. Da SRX & Permapaques went on lighter than I thought they would (da Permapaques tips are fatter than I'd like), but they held up to da top coat. Da Sharpie did da best of da ones I tested on my nails. I did my right hand with da 2 colors I liked best before I top coated anything...epic fail!
As you can see, my fav color was da worst performer of da bunch & all but disappeared under top coat & da black didn't do much better as it smeared. I have a few other pens to try & I think I'll get some more of da ultra fine tipped sharpies. If they don't work for nail art I can always used them for craft projects.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


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