Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ Office Max pens & DIY Decals!

Hello Dahlings!
Today you get a 2-fer! I wanted to test da metallic pens I recently picked up at Office Max AND I wanted to give Gnarly Gnails DIY Nail Art Decals another go using a plastic bag
& a different clear polish.
 These are da pens from Office Max & they cost about $6.
 This is da bullet tip da pens have. This style of tip isn't so great for detail drawing or coloring in tiny spaces, but for dots or larger filed in areas, they work great.
 Da line up: Milani Glosse' Top Coat & Scandal Modern Black along with da blue, purple & silver pens.
 One coat of Modern Black. Yes indeed, this baby will stamp!
 I used this image from Cheeky's 2013 Jumbo Plate 5 ~ Musical Nails. I'm loving these plates! Each one has dozens of images that can be used together or not.
 I pulled several 4"x5" zip bags out of my zip bag drawer (yeah, I know I'm OCD when it comes to organization LOL) & made a reusable template for making decals from a piece of card board that fits in da bag. (da back of a pad of paper or cereal box works just fine) I measured my nails & drew lil rectangles in those sizes for each hand on da card board. Doing this takes a few minutes, but it also takes away da guess work when laying out da base coat for da decals as well as where to stamp & color. Once da clear polish had dried, I stamped using da Modern Black & sorta randomly colored in da lil shapes using da pens.
Ta Da! My coloring inside da lines kinda sucks, but da pens worked great & so did da decals. Last time I used NYC clear polish and it curled, wrinkled & lifted off da plastic as it dried, making it hard to stamp or color. It also dried so thin that some of da decals tore when I tried to apply them to my nails. Da Milani Glosse' worked perfectly! It dried slowly as one would expect from a non-fast drying polish. Da decals were thin enuf to easily use, but they were sturdier & didn't curl or lift or anything annoying. Another point in it's favor? I found it at The Dollar Tree for $1!!! Sure, da NYC costs $1 too, but da Milani usually costs more than that, tho I didn't have to pay more for it.
I added a coat of SV to seal it all in.
I can definitely see more DIY decals in my future!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. They look great! So tempted to give it a go x x x

    1. Thanks, Wendy! <3

      You should! It's not that difficult (once you find a workable clear polish) & it's much easier to stamp & color on a flat surface than a curved nail.


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