Friday, May 24, 2013

Orly MegaPixel FX KSM

Hello Dahlings!
I wore this mani at da same time I had the Milani Texture polishes my left hand on cuz I wanted to compare them. Why? Well, the Orly on site info said this:
“MegaPixel FX
Slip on some sparkle this spring with six new shades of pixelated perfection from the MegaPixel FX collection. ORLY’s innovative 3D formula provides millions of glitter pixels for a multi-dimensional finish. Just two quick drying layers create a long-lasting, hi-res manicure.”
See that? It says 3D & I though this collection was Orly's bid in da new textured polish craze. Nope! Here's what it really is...
 Da line up: Orly Pink Pixel, Plum Pixel & Black Pixel
 This is 2 coats & they could have passed with one thick coat. They dried fairly fast too.
I did the same patterns on my right hand that I did on my left. Since I thought they would be more like da Milani, I didn't add tc. Textured they are not. They're more of a hybrid between a glitter bomb & a foil polish. No more textured than most glitters,
but they are uber blingy!
A coat of Seche Vite pretty much removed any texture & made these polishes shine even more. So while I was surprised to learn that they didn't have 'texture',
I wasn't disappointed in da bling factor.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I was going to say they just look sparkly to me, not textured.

    1. I totally agree! They aren't textured like da OPI, Julie G & other blingy truly textured polishes now trending.


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