Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CNT 52 Week PNM ~ Pastel &/or Stripes feat. Anonymous Lacquer!

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tarts are doing pastel &/or striped manis.
I did this...
 I'm way out of practice using my Essence skinny striper brush,
but this was still a fun mani chock full of
 Da line up of Mildred's brilliant collection from left to right from da top ~ 
 I started with white undies under 2 coats of da white crelly,
neon glitter fun of Summer Nights & Neon Lights.
 SN&NL is perfect for those summer Raves or other parties
where black lights are found.
Da Rainbow Brights solid colors are a crème base,
but all of them have a subtle contrasting shimmer that adds to da fun!
My stripes w/shimmer colors ~
ring: Orange You My BFF w/pink, Sunshine & Fun Times w/coral
& Vernal Time w/aqua
middle: VT, Under The Blue Hour w/pinkish purple
& I Lilac You w/pink
index: ILU, Showers To Flowers w/pink &
 Pink-nic In The Park w/purple.
After da stripes quickly dried, I added a coat of Magik...cuz MAGIK!
Mill formulated this linear holo topper
to work over da bright neon pastels of her Rainbow Brights
& boy does it ever work well!
It also works great over other colors.
I did get a wee bit of silvering between da stripes,
but I think this was due to da polish pooling a smidge
'tween da ridges formed by da stripes.
Over a smooth finish polish it only takes a thin coat of Magik
to add rainbows to your mani.
Oh? You want to know what I'm holding in this pic?
Well I couldn't decide which color to hold,
so I opted to use da BRILLIANT Cuticle Oil
Mill makes & sells in her shop.
It has a roller ball applicator,
a light citrus/grapefruit scent & absorbs well.
Anonymous Lacquer has a sale going on RIGHT NOW!!!
Da Rainbow Brights & cutie oil aren't marked down,
but everything else is, so go get some!
>^. .^<
More Xmas 2014 feline fun...
 What you doing Ziggy?
 I'se helpin' Meowmy wrap pressies
& you no needs to help, really.
Not you too, Luna!
How's da pressies supposed to be surprises
if everybody helps wrap them?
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go visit da other Tarts
& don't forget to treat yourself to some
MOST EXCELLENT polish & cutie oil at

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