Friday, July 10, 2015

I Gotta Be Me!

Hello Dahlings!
I do enjoy my nail art challenges.
Between da weekly Tart's
& da monthly Hobby Polish Bloggers
I get to stretch my creative muscles
& go in directions I might not think to travel otherwise.
That said...
 ...some days I just gotta do a ME mani!
 Da line up ~ Serum No5 Pure Glow Getter & Ultra Violet,
 I started with a coat of Pure Glow Getter
then did a sponged gradient using that & Ultra Violet.
I then added a coat of Magik.
So far Magik has added linear rainbows
to every polish I've applied it over!
It did darken Ultra Violet a smidge, but it didn't silver it.
& my beloved Creative Shop Stamper
with da Black Opaque to stamp da lil skully with da bow.
I added Neon Blue Opaque to da bow using da smallest dotter tip.
da pointy tipped one
Yep! It can't be called a ME mani if it doesn't gitd,
have skulls &/or cats plus holo rainbows.
>^. .^<
Was dis?
Methinks I needs dese.
They sniffs good!
Mine! nom nom nom nom
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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