Friday, July 3, 2015

My Style of Patriotism ~ 4th of July mani

Hello Dahlings!

Ok, so red, white & blue together is so not my thing,
but when I saw a polish that met several of my fancies
and would work for a 4th of July mani, I decide to do it.

I am diggin' this mani!
I started with white undies,
then added 2 coats of The Lady Varnishes Stay Puft
with marshmallow scent
& micro bits that show up well over a darker base color.
See why I needed this polish?
Normally I don't like scented polish,
but TLV's scents aren't overwhelming,
yet they linger for a few days
even after adding more polish & top coat.
I did these on Wednesday & I can still catch that sweet fragrance
if I put may nails right under my nose.
Da Comparison Line Up ~ LynB Designs Frosty Snot,
All nails got one coat of holo topper.
Pinky ~ Frosty Snot
This has been my go to holo top coat for night on 2 years
cuz it adds rainbows without silvering the base color.
Methinks it may have met it's match!
Ring ~ Magik
this is my new go to holo topper!
It gave me great rainbows over WHITE.
Middle ~ Dinglehopper
Not a bad topper, it just works better over darker colors,
plus it has REAL silver flakes in it that give it that extra POP.
Index ~ Halo TC
This one would be better over darker colors too.
Thumb ~ Holo Top Coat
This one leans more towards a scatter holo,
but it does get light linear rainbows.
Again, better over dark colors.
To give all of da contenders their due,
none of them silvered da white base color & that's a plus.
However, only Magik showed a strong rainbow.
Da winner!
Actually, Magik does have an edge over da others
as Mildred formulated it to go over her
but it also works beautifully over darker colors.
I'll be posting a mani using it over a darker base soon!
Da Final Line Up ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken,
TLV Stay Puft, Anonymous Lacquer Magik,
plus my beloved Creative Shop Stamper
stamping polishes & CSS from Beautometry
I used da starts & stripes full nail image
from this Bunnynails plate HD-A
Alas, Dulce had a family emergency last January
that caused her to close the shop & she hasn't reopened yet.
I do hope all is well with her, even if she isn't up to selling yet.
Yeah, I'm patriotic in da dark too!
This was the main reason I needed to add Stay Puft to my stash.
>^. .^<
Me likes da new patio chairs, Meowmy.
Dey REALLY comfy!
Day-yam it's hot!
Thanks for stopping by
& please have a SAFE
4th of July!
~ Inky

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