Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Marriage Equality ~ Success! Nails to celebrate ~ Fail!

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani is supposed to be a celebrate & support thing,
but my idea didn't end up looking as cool on mah nails
as it did in mah head.
Oh well. It's da thought that counts, right?
 So I tried doing this layered gradient using
Anne Kathleen's Alumina, Lumina & Lenora.
You can sorta see da orange & green made
when da yellow overlaps da red & blue,
but da purple refuses to show more than a smidge.
This technique has promise,
but next time I need to use polish that is
more sheer, less thick & without sparkly bits.
At least it sorta does this too.
Da red glowed IRL life, but not as bright as da blue & yellow.
My mani may be a sorta fail,
but ALL consenting adults having equal protection under da law
when it comes to their committed relations ships is
>^. .^<
 Did something happen?
Oh, cats don't get married...
...but at least my aunties can get married now
& have it count everywhere they travel in da USA.
Dis is a good thing!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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