Monday, July 20, 2015

HPB Presents ~ Starry Night nails for July

Hello Dahlings!
This month da Hobby Polish Bloggers
are showing their Starry Night manis!
I did this...
 Starry Night nails, Galaxy mani...
whatever you want to call this technique...
I kinda suck at it.
This one is better than da previous attempts,
but I just don't quite get da hang of it.
 Da line up ~ Color Club Harp On It;
L.A. Girl Purple Effect, Black Illusion & Brilliant Blue
I did a random sponged gradient using da 3 scatter holos
then stamped da field of stars from Uber Chic plate 2-03,
using my beloved Creative Shop Stamper
& da Color Club Harp On It.
Da CC Halo Hues usually stamp pretty well,
but I think my background was maybe too dark
for da silvery HOI to show well.
>^. .^<
Um yeah...
my mani worked about as well as Ciri's attempt
to hide in this basket.
Close, but not quite successful.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go show da luvs to da other
Hobby Polish Bloggers!
~ Inky


  1. No, the combination is gorgeous. I will agree with you about the stamping not showing up. i even went to the larger picture and couldn't see it. But I don't think you really needed it anyway. The sponging is just beautiful on it's own.<3

    1. Thanks! I could only see the stamping in low light that flattened the holo. Oh well. Live & learn. :)


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