Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Idea! ~ Hobbies

Hello Dahlings!
Today starts da NEW Crumpet's Nail Tarts challenge...WOOHOO!!!
Debbie came up with a new & improved 52 week challenge
that will showcase 40+ nail art ideas each week.
Da odd weeks will be themed prompts.
We can use any polishes, techniques & embellishments we desire.
Da even weeks will be color prompts with a design.
To keep y'all from getting bored looking at 40+ red dotticures,
da players were all assigned a number & da list of designs is numbered
so each of us is starting da design list in a dif place.
Oh & not all da players are doing all da weeks.
Some opted to do just da themed weeks,
while others opted to do just da color weeks.
Then there are da diehards like moi, who will post every week,
even if it causes us bodily harm & electronic hysterics.
So let's get this party started!
This week da Tarts are showing off their hobbies!
I did this...
 Yeah, nail art is a Duh! when it comes to my hobbies,
but I also MAKE nail polish for my own amusement.
So yes, I made both da base color & da stamping polish
I used for today's mani.
This mani also counts for my First Friday Franken!
I've been showing polishes I've made on da first Friday of each month 
for nigh on 2 years now
& I didn't want to not do it due to da challenge.
So y'all get a 2fer!
 Da base color is a vampy blue violet 
with a blue shimmer I call Twisted Berry.
It's a wee bit of a stainer,
but it's also a one coater tho' I used 2.

I stamped using Born Pretty Store plate BP-29. 
Da stamping polish is from a collex of neon stamping polishes
I was working on last spring.
I haven't named it yet,
but it has da opacity & viscosity needed for stamping & is a keeper.
Both of these polishes are made from scratch,
as in I started with a polish base & added pigment.
I also franken where I add 2 or more existing polishes together
to create something new.
I find a certain mad scientist satisfaction in concocting my own polish.
I think this feeling is part of why indie makers spend da hours they do
creating pretties for us to play with on our nails.
Making one bottle of polish is easy.
Making a batch of polish takes more effort, but is doable.
Making batch after batch match
plus coming up with new ideas all the time?
That's freakin' wizardry
& I applaud indie makers for their dedication to da craft!
Stay tuned nail art fans, da fun has just begun!
Oh! I almost forgot to tell y'all...
40 Great Nail Art Ideas are also available on Instagram & Pinterest!
 >^. .^<
Show me dose pretty claws, please?
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share da luvs with da other Tarts!


  1. Making polish....sounds fun, too! I was just browsing at Glitter Heaven thinking about combos;)

    1. It is! Just remember to start with suspension fluid when making glitter polish or your glitter will sink. If it's too thick you can add clear base to thin it a bit. (not fast drying top coat works too)

  2. Wow nice mani and you made such a pretty polish


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