Friday, October 30, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Halloween!

Halloween Dahlings!

Yes, this is my fav holiday of every year.
I luv da imagery & mythos that go with it,
as well as da piles o' candy!

This week da Tarts are showing off their Halloween manis.

I did this...

 Me likey!

 I started with 2 buttery smooth & luscious coats of
I know it looks bluish in this pic,
but IRL it's a blue violet that is deep & vampy.

 I then full brush dabbed a coat of
Da medium dark orange holo bits brought da blues out in da Plum Skies.

 I then added a coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.
I stamped using Hit the Bottle Absinthe

 I also used da big spider web from this Bunny Nails HD-C plate.

A coat of Seche Vite & all da creepies stayed put.

>^. .^<

Mah furbaby pride is on da road to recovery!
Ciri is back to being his usual hyper spaz self,
Ziggy is still on antibiotics, but eating on his own
& da girls both ate on their own last night
& again this morning.
 I luvs my Hot Cat toy!
I luv it, luv it, luv it to death! fell.
Go fetch, Meowmy?
Did you gets it yet? I still waiting...
These pics were taken like 5 minutes before posting.
You can see that Ciri's leg is all healed
& just needs da fur to grow back.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go shared da luvs
with da rest of the Tarts!
~ Inky


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