Monday, March 14, 2016

Creative Shop Stamping Plate 07 Reveiw Ft. Beautometry

Hello Dahlings!

I have another review of another of
the Creative Shop Stamping Plates for y'all today.
Everything except my franken base cost
is available from Beautometry & was bought by moi.

Let's get this party rockin!

 This color combo looked so much better in my lil Inky head.
I think the challenge I've been running into
is that F.U.N. Lacquer multichrome holos are so uber blingy
that unless the stamping polish has a high contrasting color
& the stamping design is bold, the images don't show well.
Oh well.
Knowing what not to do is almost as useful
as knowing how to do it right.

 I started with 2 gorgeous vampy coats of
F.U.N. Lacquer Celebrate (H) over my franken base,
followed by a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.

 Here you can see the green & gold coming out to play
with the rich plumy base color.

 Celebrate (H) also has the alternate base color 
of this luscious chocolatey brown.

 I did the stamping using Creative Shop plate 07,
I sealed it all in with another coat of Seche Vite.

Mr DeVille?
My nails are ready for their close up!

 This bold pattern shows well on my thumb & was easy to stamp.

 This chevron back ground with daisies, not so much.
I got most of the skinny lines of the design,
but the lack of contrast makes them all but indiscernible.

I got most of this image of love struck chameleons,
but these fine detailed images do take a bit of practice
to pick up & transfer to the nail before the polish dries too much.

 Most success with this bold heart image.
The void in the lower large heart is from my pointy claws
making dimples in my stamper.
Time for a massage & bath for my stampers!

This lil giraffe came out nigh perfect!
Alas, he's too detailed to show up well
with the lack of contrast between the polishes.

Over all, I am wet my knickers THRILLED with these plates!
Yes, there is a certain challenge to stamping
some of the finer lined, highly detailed images,
but the feel of victory at getting those images to work
& wallowing in the beauty of each mani is SO worth the practice.

>^. .^<

I no has to practice to be purrfect!

Thanks for stopping by
& please visit Beautometry
to meet all your stamping nail art desires!
~ Inky

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