Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Creative Shop Stamping Plate 12 Review feat Beautometry!

Hello Dahlings!

Today I have a special treat for y'all
that is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

In December of 2015, Oksana of the Creative Shop in Kiev, Ukraine
showed her FB fan group pics of her up coming release
of their own brand of nail art stamping plates.
I was smitten & promptly asked Beautometry
if they would be stocking them.
Not only was the answer "YES!",
but they offered to send me a couple of plates for review.

So when the plate pre-order went live a month later, 
I promptly ordered all 15 plates.
Yep, I had spaced Beautometry's offer. LOL
They remembered & credited me for some of the plates,
so this is indeed a 'sponsored' post on several levels.
Everything I use except for my franken base coat
is available from Beautometry
& it was sent to me for review or as a gift or bought by me.
I'll 'splain as we go along.

Let's get this review rolling!

 I had me some big time stamping fun!
I also learned a few things that I'll share with you
cuz if I can't be a good example,
I'll settle for being a horrible warning.

 This is 2 creamy smooth coats of Femme Fatale Caliby 
over my franken base coat
& one coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat on top.
This exclusive to Beautometry polish was a gift for ordering.

I admit, I'm hooked on the polish
& stamping supplies Beautometry sells.
The quality of the polish brands they sell are top shelf,
the nail art plates are also highest quality,
they carry my favorite stampers from Creative Shop,
plus the stamping polishes work so very well
that Hit the Bottle has become my go to stamping polish brand.
All this & their customer service is most excellent!

 For this stamping skittle mani I used Creative Shop plate 12.
(I'm counting this plate as 'sent for honest review')
You may notice when perusing the Creative Shop plates
that some are listed at a lower price.
This is because when Oksana checked the 1st run of plates,
some of them had very small flaws on them.
These flaws aren't on every plate
& weren't bad enough to chuck the lot.
They tended to be near the edges or at one end of the design.
So while this 1st run batch is available,
those plates will be at the lower price.
When the next batch gets made & the micro flaws are eliminated,
the price will be the same for all of the plates.
I checked all of mine against the ones Oksana posted
showing where she found flaws
& I couldn't see any flaws on any of my plates.

 One of the things I LOVE about these plates
is the size of the full nail designs!
I have long nails.
Even when I file them back, they're still longer than most.
I have many nail art plates that I have to get really creative to use
cuz the images are too small to fit my claws.
This is not an issue with these plates!
The full nail designs are a full 1" x 5/8" (25mm x 15mm)
so they'll fit just about every nail length & width.

Wanna see the close up mani pics?
I used Hit the Bottle Espresso Martini (bought by me)
& my newest love,
(also bought by me)
To see my review for this new stamper design,

 Look at that detail!
I'm still working on using zero pressure with the Space Stamper
when picking up the image as too much will prevent it
from picking up fine lines in an image.
I did pretty well with my thumb.

 One of the things I learned right away
was that fine lines of polish dry very quickly.
All the lines picked up on my stamper head,
but I didn't transfer the image fast enough
& lost the walls of the buildings in this image.
Even so, the amount of detail in the roofs & windows are amazing!

 This design came out perfectly!

 This was the 1st nail I stamped.
I should have moved a wee bit faster,
but over all it came out well.

I didn't roll my finger far enough
to get the design to the side wall,
but the detail is mesmerizing.

I sealed in the stamping goodness

I did have to redo the polish pick up on a couple of images
due to my not picking up the polish before it dried too much.
There is a learning curve to using the Space Stamper
& some of the finer detail images on these plates,
but the results once you get the hang of it are so worth the practice!

I whole heartedly recommend all of these products from Beautometry!
If you're new to stamping or only do it occasionally,
you may need to practice a bit to get the results you desire,
but the effort was totally worth it for me!

Stay tuned Inky fans for more
Creative Shop Stamping Plate reviews in the near future!

>^. .^<

You did pretty claws in me colors?
I'm so touched I might let you pet me later.

Thanks for stopping by
& do your nails a favor by using polishes
and nail art goodies from Beautometry on them!
~ Inky


  1. Wow, you make me laugh and I learned something:D

    1. Oh good! That means I did it right. LOL

  2. Thank you for this review.I have been waiting to see swatches before purchasing them.The plates and images look unique and pretty.

    1. You are most welcome! I have a review of another plate posting on Monday & 2 more planned. The images & art work are very unique! Even the designs that fit common themes aren't copies from other brands. These plates will be getting a lot of use! <3

  3. Thank you for reviewing. I was hesitant when I saw the disclaimer about flaws but I think I'm going to give them a shot. I love their purple shimmer space collection head. Beautometry has quickly become my fave shop, their customer service makes you wanna throw them a big "this is how it's done" party!

    1. I hear ya! Beautometry is MOST EXCELLLENT! <3


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