Monday, March 21, 2016

Hobby Polish Bloggers Presents ~ Spring!

Hello Dahlings!

Spring is here & all over my nails cuz this month
the Hobby Polish Bloggers are doing Spring themed manis.

With that in mind, I did this...

Bunnies multiplying all over my nails.
Yes, I know they're sorta upside down,
but I wanted to be able to look at them
& if I'd put these DIY decals on the other side of my nails
I would have needed to do hand gymnastics to see them.

has all their nail polish on sale!!!
With the move to the new online store,
Emily is also changing her bottles.
So she needs to clear out all her polish inventory
that's in the old bottles.
Many of these perfect formula beauties 
are only available while supplies last,
so get your polish loving fanny over there & stock up!

I started with one butterlicious coat of
Snowfall Serenity over my franken base.
I then used a piece of cosmetic sponge to create the gradient.
All those flakies made for awesome sparklies
in addition to the linear rainbows!
I quick coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly
& I was ready to make my decals.
I used Spun Gold, Creative Shop Stamping Plate 05 & my gorgeous
After a coat of the SHDI dried on my on my Uber Mat,
I stamped 5 bunny borders using Spun gold
& filled them in using a small brush with Pure Glow Getter.
I trimmed the excess clear polish off
& applied my bunny borders to the long edge of each nail.

I mentioned on Friday that I was trying a new to me top coat
to see how it compared to Seche Vite.

SH Gel Shine 3D doesn't create as thick a layer as SV
& doesn't dry as fast either.
However, it is thicker than any of the other fast dry top coat I've tried
& is readily available where Sally Hansen products are sold.
This is in pretty much every chain drugstore
& big box store in the USA.

As to whether it thickens up & shrinks when the bottle gets half gone?
I don't know yet,
but if I notice these SV issues happening with the SHGS3D,
I'll let y'all know.

I don't know why I can get crystal clear gitd pics sometimes
& others it ain't happening.
This was the best pic out of dozens. Blerg.

>^. .^<

My mom's cat Missy is a strange cat.

But give her some cat nip & she acts pretty normal for a stoned cat.

Come a lil closer so I's can bite you.

Thanks for stopping by
& please share the luvs
with the other Hobby Polish Bloggers!
~ Inky

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  1. Love the bunnies! Had to look twice through the stamping plate to find them!:) nice color choice too!


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