Monday, March 7, 2016

Creative Shop Stamping Plate review for Plate 02 feat. Beautometry!

Hello Dahlings!

Today I have my 2nd review of the NEW Creative Shop Stamping Plates!
As before, some of today's treasures were sent for honest review,
some were gifts for ordering a butt-tonne of stuff
& some things were in those butt-tonne orders.
I'll 'splain what I got & how I got it as we go, K?

 I was squeeeing all over the place while doing this hand!

 I started with 2 coats of perfection
over my usual franken base coat.
I added one coat of Orly Sec' N' Dry.

 I know F.U.N. are a wee bit on the pricy side,
but they are SO worth it!
Look at all those shifting colors, golden holo sparklies & rainbows!!!
This gorgeous polish was a gift from Beautometry.

 Today's review is of Creative Shop Stamping Plate 02
another of the plates sent for honest review from Beautometry
both bought by me

I wrote about why there's a price difference
for some of the plates Here.
I reviewed the new Space Stamper HERE.

Ready for the close up pics?

 These tiny tiny dots in circles are awesome!
They would show better if there was a stronger contrast
between Unconditional Love & Pool Party,
but the design came out perfect.

 I squeee'd so hard after I did this nail! Just look at those tiny lines!
I was so gob smacked by the perfection of this design
& how it looked on my nail, that I sent a raw pic to Beautometry.
I almost never take pics before I clean up the stray polish on my skin, 
add top coat or moisturize because while I want to be honest with y'all,
I don't want to scare you with my polish slopped cuticles or lizard skin.

 This is another of those 'advanced stamper' designs.
I either didn't move fast enough
& the polish dried too much before I got the image on my nail
or didn't press my nail far enough into the plate
& didn't get all the tiny lines around the shark shadow
to go all the way to the edge of my nail.
It's still a great design for those ocean/beach manis!

 This design had me swooning!
I usually use stencil decals for designs like this,
but they don't allow for such fine detail.
I'm seeing a reciprocal gradient using this image in my future!

This design can be used for so many different nail art themes.

I did this hand right after I did last Wednesday's mani.
Yeah, I walk around with different manis on each hand a lot. LOL
The stamping went on much easier this time
as I moved faster getting the image on the stamper after scraping,
using the right amount of pressure (none) to pick up the images,
& promptly applying the image to the nail
before the polish dried too much.

I finished with a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.
bought by me

I use liquid latex as a mask around my nails
for quite a few nail art techniques to make clean up easier.
One of those messy techniques is stamping
& I still apply latex when using most other brands of stamping polish.
I don't have to with Hit the Bottle.
Even As Black As Night cleans up easily.
Polish crumbs stuck under tiny hang nails
& staining just haven't happened when using this brand.
I can lift most of the polish off my skin with the sticky roller
I use to clean polish off the stamper head
& the rest comes off easily with acetone & my clean up brush.
So not only does it do fantabulous job of stamping tiny details,
is opaque over any color & comes in a rainbow plus of colors...
it also cleans up easily!

You can get all of the products I've shown you today at Beautometry!
except my franken base coat cuz I make that for myself

>^. .^<

Your claws don't match my colors today,
so you aren't allowed to pet me!

Thanks for stopping by & Thanks to Beautometry
for carrying MOST EXCELLENT nail polish,
stamping plates & stamping polishes!
~ Inky

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