Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another Purple Neon Comparison with a Bonus!

Hello Dahlings!
How many purple neon polishes does one peep need?
It we're talking about me, then ALL of them! LOL
I did a purple neon comparison last year in November &
 I guess I subconsciously needed to make it an annual thing.
So here we go...
 Da line up: Color Club Mrs. Robinson, Finger Paints Pop Art Purple,
Kleancolor Grape Burst, Sinful Colors Dream On
& Color Club Peace Out Purple
 2 coats each of: p ~ Mrs. Robinson, r ~ Pop Art Purple,
m ~ Grape Burst, I ~ Dream On & t ~ Peace Out Purple.
In da bottle they all look pretty much the same.
On da nail 4 out of 5 look pretty similar, similar enuf that you don't really need all of them unless you're a polish ho with a neon purple obsession like me. LOL
The stand out was Peace Out Purple. It's slightly lighter & it's a jelly where da others are crèmes. (me thinks a jelly sandwich is in my future!)
Dream On stands out from da others by drying to a semi-matte finish t
hat isn't uncommon with neons.
So that's it? Yeah, I could just leave my nails like this?
 I decided to go for a 2fer by comparing a bunch of flakie polishes.
right hand line up: Nfu Oh 37, Nubar 2021, Color Club Snow-Flakes,
Essie Shine of the Times & Sephora by OPI Hollywood If I Could
 1 coat each: p ~ 37, r ~ 2010, m ~ Snow-Flakes, I ~ Shine of the Times & t ~ HWIIC
2010, Snow-Flakes & Shine of the Times are all what I call fire flakies
cuz they show mostly red with some gold & orange.
They are so close I'm thinking I may not need all 3 of them.
37 is a mix of colors & more of shifting topper.
HWIIC is iridescent bar glitter.
Both are fun & very different from each other.
 Left hand line up: Nicole by OPI Heavenly Angel, Kleancolor Sugar Coat,
Nabi Clear Round Glitter, China Glaze Luxe & Lush
& Disney Night Before Christmas Zero
 1 coat each: t ~ Heavenly Angel, I ~ Sugar Coat, m ~ CRG, r ~ Lux & Lush & p ~ Zero
HA is a mix of many colors of flakie shreds, 
SC is asst iridescent shapes & so is CRG,
Luxe & Lush is more of a true flakie with the colors being more copper & gold,
& Zero wins da cutest bottle award, but the large flakie shards are sparse
& hard to fish out. I may have to franken that one to make it usable.
Da winner is...Nicole by OPI Heavenly Angel!
I added a 2nd coat of this polish to all nails so they looked more homogenous,
followed by a coat of Seche Vite.
My nails were SO sparkly that I left this mani on for a whole week!
That & I had camp prep to do & didn't have time to change my polish. LOL
If you only want to own one flakie-esque topper
that will go with many colors of polish,
Heavenly Angel is a good choice!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. i love that shade of pinky purple - if i had 5 that looked that similar i'd probably keep them all!

    1. I think I have like 12-15 different brands of this color... I is a polish ho for sure when it comes to my favorite color. LOL

  2. I love this combo, really beautiful! I would like to see for next year nail art and dupes!🌹 xx

  3. I love seeing comparison posts like this!! Keep posting them in 2014!!

  4. One thing I would love to see on your blog is more posts similar to this one. I love the dupe type posts!

    1. Yes ma'am! I love showing the world how much polish I've horded to the point of having enuf of the same color to do each finger with a different brand. LOL


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